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All About the Rosy Cheeks: Best 4 Local Blushers

ELLE's guide to the best local brands making blushers

Image courtesy Freepik

Cream blushers, powder ones, or both? Whether you’re a makeup fanatic or not, blusher can’t go out of your staples. We don’t always wear full makeup, but when it’s 8 in the morning and we’re rushing to work with not enough sleep, blusher can really be a life saver. It’s a complete game changer as it washes the paleness away from the face. Join us as we unveil the best 4 local brands where you can’t get a better blush! 


Image courtesy: Luna

Has shades that fit every single skin tone. 


Image courtesy: Cybele

Brings cream and powder blushes in one place, no need to waste much time in searching. And the packaging is just rich! 


Image courtesy: Fluffy Cosmetics ig

Don’t bother saving up to buy the Rare Beauty blush, Fluffy is an absolute dupe if not better than the OG!


Image courtesy: Orglam ig

The main item in your no makeup- makeup look!

So which did you choose?

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