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Insider Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day

Kiki Beautique gives ELLE his top 6 tips for the big day

Image courtesy Lamis Magdy

A wedding day is unquestionably one of the most momentous instances of your journey through life, every detail is meticulously thought out once, then twice, and every aspect is scrutinized. Amidst the whirlwind of wedding planning, there are two aspects that often cause anxiety for many brides-to-be: their skin and make-up. The unknowns and what-ifs of awakening to an unexpected guest or two, a pimple or uneven skin texture can be far too inconvenient and often hard to cover up.

That being said, fear not, for we’ve enlisted the expertise of Egyptian makeup artist Ahmed Ismail, aka Kiki Beautique, to bring you insider beauty tips that will have your skin radiant and beautifully painted on your special day. From pre-wedding skincare preparations to on-the-day make-up hacks, here are six tips to ensure your skin is glowing with confidence as you walk down the aisle.


Image courtesy Kiki Beautique via Instagram

We grow up thinking all superheroes wear capes, however, we didn’t realize when we were younger that a girl’s superhero at a certain age would be wearing latex gloves and a white coat. Much like what they say about diamonds, a dermatologist is a girl’s best friend.

Kiki recommends that every bride should consult a dermatologist six months in advance, prior to the wedding day, giving enough time for the suggested routine to make a difference. However, once the routine is set, your skincare ritual shouldn’t be changed within those six months. A deep clean is also proposed to be done a month before the wedding, as well as threading not surpassing the two-day till date.


Image courtesy Kiki Beautique via Instagram

Although he’s an artist who uses makeup as his paint and a face as a canvas, Kiki believes that the best thing a bride can do to perfect her makeup is to remain true to herself and not attempt to conceal it. This year’s spring bride is embracing the aura of earthy tones and rose gold highlights, and we obviously can’t endure spring without a rosy cheek in sight. According to Kiki, the days of a matt lipstick are over and eyeliner is out of style!


Passant Shawky via Kiki Beautique’s Instagram

The theme of a wedding, all its aesthetics, and colors are guaranteed to have an effect on what color scheme is ideal for the perfectly painted face. The sun or moon setting, venue, and lighting all dictate the direction of your makeup look. If the sun shines then the golden rays will reflect, but when the moon comes out, the browns are of no doubt.


Image courtesy Kiki Beautique via Instagram

This year is one of dewy and shimmery looks. Kiki keeps the rosy blushed cheeks and adds a cream highlighter that will reflect those lights just right!


Image courtesy Kiki Beautique via Instagram

A big wedding day prep needs an even bigger skincare prep. Kiki recommends a five-step process to ensure the elimination of clogged pores, caked-off makeup, and melting mascara. Start off by cleansing the worry away, set the tone for your look with a toner, hydrate your face with a moisturizer, prime for the perfect base, and finally start applying the foundation of the most striking makeup look.


Image courtesy Kiki Beautique via Instagram

Kiki’s final touch of any look, as well as his six tips, is the most high-utility setting spray. Lock it in with a stay fix and block those woes of melted makeup away.

On an average day, the first thing we do when we wake up, as well as the last thing we do at night, is critique the state of our visage and how to cover it up, the very forefront of our physical being. Now imagine being under a very bright white spotlight. Using Kiki’s six tips are assured to help you avoid a wedding disaster. 

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