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ELLE Picks: Egyptian Skin Care Products We Love

Your guide for flattering skincare products made in Egypt

ELLE Picks: Skincare Products We Love

In the early 2000s, skincare was a niche concept largely dominated by international high-end brands that were not within everyone’s reach. With Eva Cosmetics as a forerunner, there has been a significant shift towards embracing locally produced skincare products, leading to a wide variety of affordable, high-quality products that aim to rival their international counterparts. ELLE picks some of our favorite skin care products on the local market.



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Catching your eyes with their super feminine purple packaging, Telofill comes with a full range of skincare products. They’re best known for their outstanding under-eye serum, but if you try their body line, you’re guaranteed to smell like a coconut! Also, you don’t have to double cleanse after the party, for Telofill’s micellar water will wipe the full glam away. 



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It’s fascinating to note that Dermactive is a local brand, given its sophisticated name and packaging. The Acti-Clear line, comprising facial wash, moisturizer, and serum, has gained praise for effectively addressing oily skin concerns. Additionally, the Acti-Repair cica cream is highly regarded as a budget-friendly alternative, offering quality skincare solutions at an accessible price point.


Indulge in a revitalizing skincare experience with Vacation‘s exquisite range of skincare lines designed to pamper and nourish your skin. Each product in their collection is crafted with care and precision to deliver exceptional results, making it a challenge to pick a favorite. However, the Hydrogel Cleanser stands out as a truly exceptional product.



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Your new favorite body care products! Elevate your body care routine with Alejon‘s exceptional urea-based creams and body milk, specially formulated to address strawberry skin, also known as keratosis pilaris (KP). Their range of products is designed to effectively target rough patches of skin, providing a gentle, deeply nourishing solution to this common condition. With the endorsement of dermatologists and the praise of satisfied customers, Alejon‘s urea-based creams and body milk have become the go-to choice for individuals seeking to smooth and rejuvenate their skin. In addition to their specialized skincare offerings, Alejon‘s sun protection creams are designed to provide a luxurious and effective shield against the sun’s rays.



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It will literally make you feel like a glazed donut! Glazed has changed the concept of body shaving from a mere routine into a symphony of artistry. Begin your indulgent ritual with Smooth Operator scrub, elevating your exfoliation to a luxurious experience. Then, immerse yourself in the Shave of Your Dreams shaving cream. As the final strokes grace your skin, introduce it to the opulence of Wealthy Jelly soothing gel, meticulously crafted to banish imperfections, from scars to irritations, leaving behind a flawless canvas. The final step of moisture is glazing! Gently massage your skin with the Glazed Donut body oil and you’re now all settled; cleanly shaved, moisturized, and smelling heavenly. 



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Your ultimate favorite body kit! Wanna smell like berries, vanilla, or coconut? Well, Soul and More lines of shower gels, body lotions, body butter, and body splashes are a must-buy. Embark on a sensual journey with the Pink Strawberry shower gel, enveloping your skin in a decadent lather that captivates the senses. Follow this with the application of their strawberry-scented body butter, designed to compliment your skin with rich, nourishing moisture and an intoxicating fragrance. Lastly, elevate your experience with the heavenly Pink Strawberry body splash, leaving you enveloped in a delicate mist of fragrance, ensuring that you exude the irresistible allure of a walking strawberry cupcake.

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