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Jimmy Choo in Support of Young Talents

JCA Fashion Academy in London announces grand opening of its new gallery

The world-famous pioneer of handmade luxury shoes, Professor Jimmy Choo, is revolutionizing the fashion industry one stride at a time. As the creative director of JCA London Fashion School, Choo paves the way for a new generation of young designers to learn in his light.

This week, the fashion school extended its influence by opening the JCA Gallery, a physical platform to showcase its learners’ talent and innovation. Located in the iconic JCA campus on Hanover Square, the new ground floor gallery is a space for designers to display their garments and accessories.

The JCA Gallery promises to be more than just a showcase – it is a celebration of innovation and the boundless potential of emerging designers ready to show their talent to the world.

The physical gallery is supported by a new E-commerce section of the JCA’s website on Thursday 11th April, allowing the public to buy and rent products from Academy’s learners for the very first time.

“At the JCA, we are committed to nurturing our learners’ talent, as well as giving them the support to put their product out there in front of the fashion industry before they graduate. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce the JCA Gallery at our Mayfair campus and supporting e-commerce websites that will allow learner works to be sold and rented. At JCA we do not only hone students’ creative skills but also equip them with business skills that help them launch their own businesses.” says Ha Smith, Director of Incubation JCA.

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