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“Who is Sabato di Sarno?” The Gucci Story

Unveiling the Gucci Ancora: a journey with Sabato di Sarno

Gucci presents “Who is Sabato di Sarno? The Gucci Story”, a documentary providing an exclusive look into the making of the Gucci Ancora fashion show, the debut presentation of the house’s new creative director, Sabato di Sarno. Narrated by actor and ambassador Paul Mescal, the film offers a captivating journey into the realm of Gucci.

Through this documentary, viewers are immersed in the collaborative process led by Sabato di Sarno and his dedicated team, showcasing their shared passion and commitment to creativity. With behind-the-scenes footage, the film captures the allure of the fashion world, inviting audiences to discover the magic behind the scenes as they get to know Gucci’s new creative director. Sabato di Sarno shares his personal insights and vision for the iconic brand, providing a glimpse into his creative journey and the future of Gucci.

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