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What to Eat & Drink for Perfect Skin

Diets affect more than just our physique, they also show on our skin!

perfect skin

You are what you eat, literally! On our journeys for that effortlessly perfect skin, we spoke to celebrity skincare specialist Amira El Gamal about what to eat. Because skincare goes beyond the products we use!


El Gamal tells us that the key factor to good skin is fruits, nuts, and greens! If only we had listened to our mothers growing up. “Leafy greens, dark green vegetables, fruits in general, and nuts & seeds (work out a good mix and add it to your salad or morning breakfast.)”

“Lean proteins and fatty fish such as salmon are a super source of omegas, as well.”


It’s the age-old piece of advice, drink more water. “Install the water reminder application and watch your skin transform when you consume one glass of water at the top of every hour. Drinking water consistently helps with keeping that radiant glow. Remember dryness is the root of all evil when it comes to your skin.” El Gamal says. 


“Green juices help detox your guts and you see instant results within one week only of committing to them,” she advises “My personal favorite is a celery, parsley, pinger, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and lemon mix. I always add any type of fruit I have to be able to enjoy it. It grows on you once you see its effect on you!”

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