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What Makes a Woman Run Away?

A deep explainer to the reasons why women run away from a relationship


Why did she stop texting? Why did she stop picking up my calls? A woman doesn’t give closure, she’ll just ghost you, and that means the turn-off was bad. So why don’t you sit with yourself and wonder what’s wrong with you that turned her off? Considering the fact not everyone is able to see their own faults, we’ve decided to do it the other way. We’ve asked a group of young ladies: When did you tell yourself it’s time to ghost him? So please, take out a piece of paper and start taking notes. 


Image courtesy: Leonardo DiCaprio (movie: Catch Me if You Can)

We’ve all seen that guy in different phases of our lives. Nada, 25, has a lot to say about the fake guy. “Why are you faking someone that you’re not, like really why?” There was that guy whom she’d seen potentials with, but it wasn’t long before she’d put him on her black list. “I hate it when I sit with anyone in general, not only that guy, who lies about their social or financial status, because why?, you won’t win a prize were you in a higher category.” “That guy wasn’t only faking wealth, he was faking a character, you know this type of person, right?” Fake guys don’t need much explanation, we have a sensor for them. We know you’re lying, so please, be more of yourself. That’s better for you. 


Image courtesy: Isaiah Washington (show: Grey’s Anatomy)

These guys are just a no. Why do you think you’re the center of the universe when you’re definitely not? We women roll our eyes on the scene of this type of girls always fishing for attention, but when it’s a man who’s doing this, eye rolls are never enough, we block him. Menna, 29, has a long list of these guys. “When I was younger, I would fall for guys like this, thinking they were charismatic when they were anything but this.” “I recall that one I used to date in my early twenties, it was a disaster, he wouldn’t stop making everything about himself.” You know the feeling that you’re in a competition with someone, not anyone, your boyfriend? Whenever you’re hanging out with your friends and he makes himself the center of attention, just run!


Image courtesy: Eric Dane (show: Grey’s Anatomy)

No, no, no, did we mention? NO! Sarah, 34, says: “Now I’m old enough to know that even being friends with this type of guys is a waste of time.” “When I was a teen, guys who surrounded themselves with girls were literally everywhere, and my ex-boyfriend was one of them.” Dating that guy drained her self-esteem and was technically an insecurities-booster. The sad truth is, these guys are most insecure, they’re just hiding it well. 


Image courtesy: Jude Law (movie: Closer)

The I don’t know what I want type, we know them. Thank you, you may be handsome, but no. Speaking of these guys, we couldn’t relate to any character in the cinema more than Jude Law as Dan in Closer. Mariam, 38, may trigger you with what she’s saying, because it’s very relatable. “We were together for five years, just for him to wake up one day and tell me he really doesn’t know what he wants,” “He was basically breaking up with me, and it was okay actually, but why?” Why would you involve yourself in a relationship with someone when you don’t have clear plans for the next step? Life itself seems questionable at this moment. “Was it me that didn’t make him sure about what he wants?” 

Across all age groups, us women share a plethora of stories about the men who have crossed our paths, whether we’re gathering for a leisurely brunch or an intimate dinner. Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, the conversation inevitably turns to those pivotal moments when we or our friends made the decision to walk away from a relationship. So, what were the tipping points that led you or your friends to take that brave step?

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