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What Guys Do on Thursday Nights

You started relating to what we’re about to say already


On Thursdays, we bid farewell to the office with the widest smile there is, welcoming the long awaited weekend. For us girls, the agenda typically ranges from simple plans to no plans at all. We just rush home, make dinner, indulge in some TV time, and eventually drift off to sleep. But you guys like to run around. From playing football to PlayStation and hookah lounges, we’ve brought you the full plan agreed by most guys. So spare your girlfriends the false promises of romantic outings tonight; we’re well aware of your established routine. And speaking of routine, perhaps it’s time to break free from the familiar and explore new horizons on your Thursday escapades.

Also, if you lost yourself to work, parenthood or have been out of time for a long time and in need of someone to remind you of what you used to do on Thursdays. No worries, we’ve got you!


The first part of your Thursday program is so hilarious, for most of you and your friends are not even fit to walk. However, you book a two-hour running session. While you all act as if it was the Champions League Final, it’s barely football actually. Just a group of friends playing randomly in hope of scoring a goal in the empty net. 



Or maybe both, one after another. We’re seriously asking here, when and why did padel become a trend? Like why do we get shamed if we don’t know how to play it? Even you the padel fanatic, you’re probably playing it wrong. 


Why do we call places where we play PlayStation or Xbox a cyber here in Egypt by the way? And why are you blaming the joystick when you lose? Admit all of you that you don’t know how to play it, because otherwise you’re lying. It’s okay if you didn’t win with the artificial Cristiano Ronaldo, we won’t tell anyone.


Adel Emam in (Bekheet Wa Adeela)

What time is it? 1 am? Perfect, let’s go get some burgers or crepes. You guys eat after midnight and live a normal life, while we get to have the last meal by 7 am to maintain a healthy diet? Life is so unfair. 



There’s one place where you guys get to drink good mint-tea and spill hot tea between each other; the local cafe, or Kahwa as we say in our slang. Kahwas are the most random places there are. You’ll get to watch foreign movies on a muted TV, and listen to irrelevant old songs at the same time. It’s more than possible that you sit and play Backgammon with a total stranger, then depart in the most casual way there is. 


Credits: Made in Maadi

Guys literally sanctify kiosks, however, we don’t know the scientific reason behind that. After cruising the streets and gossiping on everyone, it’s Kiosk time. They randomly park in front of the Kiosk, buy a couple cans of soda, open the car trunk, and lean while they silently enjoy their cokes. 

Now it’s almost dawn, we’ve been in deep sleep for 5 good hours now if not more, and you’re still thinking about a lie to fake when you call us tomorrow morning to say sorry, right?

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