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Was ‘Welad Rizk 3’ Worth the Hype?

Welad Rizk’s sequel ‘Al-Qadya’ reviewed

welad rizk ولاد رزق
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After the unprecedented success garnered by the first and second instalments of Welad Rizk, the renowned director Tarek Al-Arian gave audiences a third sequel that was released in cinemas during Eid Al-Adha. The film broke records with USD 12 million revenue in the immediate span of days following its release. This begs the question… Is the film worth the hype compared to the previous instalments?

In the sequel, the heroines of the first and second parts, Ahmed Al-Fishawy and Ahmed Dawood, are no longer the focus. Rather, we witness the inclusion of new characters Asmaa Galal, Ali Sobhy, and Asser Yassin. The star Karim Abdel Aziz was also featured in the new instalment as a guest of honor. Many scenes from the film were filmed in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Despite all the buzz in movie theatres and innumerable points of praise directed at the film since its release, some found it to be a mere replica of the plot of the previous movie but with a different filming location. Additionally, many Zamalek fans were offended by the choice of name for this instalment, namely ‘El Qadya’, holding that it is a reference to the CAF Champions League final match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly in 2020, which ended with a victory for the rival team, Al Ahly. 

The events of the movie take place between Cairo and Riyadh, where we follow the brothers Reda, played by Ahmed Ezz, Rabea, played by Amr Youssef, and Ramadan played by Karim Kassem. The brothers team up with the officer Raouf Hamzawy, played by Mohamed Mamdouh. Together, the team plots to steal a valuable watch studded with diamonds at its presentation ceremony in Riyadh. Just as we witnessed the kidnapping of the younger brother Ramadan and his brothers’ attempt to save him in the first movie, we also witness the kidnapping of the older brother, Reda, by a dangerous gang leader known as Sultan al-Ghoul played by Ahmed Al-Rafi’I as his brothers attempt to save him in the latest instalment.

Despite the undeniable similarities between both plots, the plot of this sequel takes a different route during the final few minutes of the film. As we’ve probably grown accustomed to by now from the previous parts, the film offers a hilarious comedic experience through the scenario. The film also features the impressive presence of the rising actor Ali Sobhy, who played the role of Koury. We were also very impressed by the chemistry between the duo Amr Youssef and Asmaa Galal.

The film is produced by Tarek Al-Arian and Moussa Eissa, directed by Tarek Al-Arian, and starring Ahmed Ezz, Amr Yousef, Karim Kassem, Asser Yassin, and Ali Sohi in lead roles. The film also features Sayid Ragab, Mohamed Mamdouh, and Asmaa Galal.

After the historical success caused by Welad Rizk: El Qadya, Tarek Al-Arian revealed that he intends to produce a fourth instalment. However, he has yet to disclose the dates of shooting or release.

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