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Villa Baboushka X Cairo Design District by LMD: A Fusion of Luxury and Creativity

Unveiling Villa Baboushka’s summer collection

villa baboushka

In a dynamic blend of luxury and creativity, Villa Baboushka and Cairo Design District by LMD joined forces for an exclusive event hosted at “The Box of CDD at one ninety” on Tuesday, June 11th. This collaboration marked a milestone as Villa Baboushka, renowned for curating conceptual brands, ventured into the east side in partnership with CDD by LMD, Egypt’s premier design-centric hub.

The event showcased Villa Baboushka’s summer collection, featuring designs from esteemed international designers. Attendees were treated to a captivating trunk show experience, divided into two slots. The first slot highlighted the creations of Camilla, while the second slot showcased the work of Hemant & Nandita. 

For over 15 years, Villa Baboushka has been synonymous with sophistication, offering discerning clientele access to exclusive and visionary designs. This collaboration with CDD by LMD further solidifies Villa Baboushka’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and introducing innovative concepts to the Egyptian market.

Guiding guests through the exquisite offerings was Villa Baboushka’s personal shopper, Dalia Abdelshafy, whose expertise ensured that attendees had a tailored and memorable experience.

Cairo Design District by LMD serves as a hub for creativity and innovation, encompassing fashion, art, culture, culinary delights, contemporary offices, entertainment, and hospitality. As Egypt’s first design-centric hub, CDD by LMD continues to push boundaries and foster collaboration within the creative community.

This event not only celebrated the marriage of luxury and design but also highlighted the ongoing commitment of both Villa Baboushka and Cairo Design District by LMD to elevate the cultural landscape of Egypt and beyond.

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