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Unveiling Pat McGrath’s Porcelain Perfection

Everything you need to know about the show-stopping glassy look

From the extravagant garments down to the models’ walks: the Maison Margiela spring/summer 2024 haute couture show was nothing short of theatrical brilliance. Immediately after showcasing the Brassaï-inspired collection, a whirlwind of videos flooded TikTok, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter), leaving everyone in sheer awe of the designs, location, and cast. Yet, it was the flawless ultra-glossy makeup look by Pat McGrath that truly stole the spotlight.


With the masterful touch of McGrath’s makeup artistry, the models transformed into living dolls. McGrath shared, “The makeup for the show plays with a modern take on porcelain glass skin.” The models’ eyebrows were bleached, and thin arches were drawn on in their place. The eye makeup was intense, with jewel and pastel tones used. Cream blush was generously applied to the center of the cheeks in rosy and orange hues. On the lips, shades of red and black were topped with clear gloss, achieving petite rounded lips for a pout effect. And to finish it off, McGrath added a special formula of masks and gloss, creating that glassy look everyone was raving about. 


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McGrath’s artistry set social media on fire, especially when models shared videos of them peeling off their makeup after the show. Immediately speculations started to arise on how McGrath achieved this glossy finish. Various beauty influencers even experimented, trying to recreate the look, with some having more luck than others. The internet simply couldn’t get enough of the mesmerizing look, with beauty enthusiasts clamoring to decipher McGrath’s secrets. 

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And finally, on February 2nd – 8 days after the show – McGrath very generously revealed her secrets, sharing a step-by-step masterclass on Instagram Live. In case you missed the tutorial, here is everything you need to know to get this show-stopping look.

First things first, McGrath prepped the skin using her own beauty brand’s product Divine Skin: Rose 001TM The Essence by Pat McGrath Labs. She then continued with the base makeup using products from her own beauty brand. We know, iconic. McGrath followed up the Sublime Perfection Foundation with a generous amount of The Divine Blush: Legendary Glow Color Balm. As for the eyes and lips, the makeup artists used different eyeshadow palettes and lip kits for color variations. 

And now to the part everyone was so desperately waiting for the glassy finish. McGrath first used water-based SFX glue on the corners of the lips, nostrils, and inner eye area. She then continued with a mixture of four different peel-off masks: Cucumber Peel Off Mask by Freeman, Calendula Peel Off Mask by Proot, Hydrating Pineapple Peel Off Mask by Que Bella, and Tea Tree Peel Off Mask by Daggett & Ramsdell. The concoction of those four masks was diluted with water and Skin Illustrator Clear Gloss by Illustrator. To get the desired level of glossiness, 7-8 layers of this cocktail of products were sprayed on using an airbrush tool. McGrath made sure to hold a spoon in front of the eyes and lips, while spraying on the mixture, to protect the rest of the makeup. She also dried each layer with a blow dryer, before moving on to the next. To finish off the look, McGrath added gloss to the lips and eyes. And voilà, there’s your step-by-step guide on how to achieve this already iconic look. 


With this deep dive and the right products, you can recreate this look from the comfort of your own home. Click here to see all of Pat McGrath Labs’ products including eyeshadow palettes, lip kits, and mascara the artist used for the show. But hold on, it doesn’t end there! Brace yourself for more, as McGrath tantalizingly hinted at an upcoming Pat McGrath Labs’ own porcelain skin-glazing product. We don’t know about you but we certainly can’t wait to see what the makeup maestro has in store for us next. 

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