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Tranquil Tailoring: What to Wear to Brunch

Your guide to the most trendy spring picks for a late-morning brunch

Image courtesy Zegna

A world where one can dress properly and still keep comfort intact without the demanding constraints of the office is a world where afternoon brunch lives. Ever wondered what to wear this transitional season during that equally provisional late-morning meal? Embracing the spring spirit and allowing yourself to elevate your loungewear and relax your formalwear will help you create the perfect fusion of tranquil elegance and contemporary flair, blending classic staples, such as blazers, with trendy accents. Here’s what to wear to brunch. 


Women’s fashion didn’t adopt the relaxed blazer look for nothing. Tailored clothing that garners leeway for airiness continues to dominate men’s fashion. A pair of loose-fitting trousers, relaxed-cut shirts, and oversized blazers will ensure that comfortable chic look without sacrificing stylish endeavors. 

Image courtesy Ami


This year, spring is ditching the pastels as it opts for a brown crayon out of the Crayola box instead. Taking a break from the baby blues and soft greens, don’t overlook those navy blue and khaki chinos in your wardrobe just yet, winter’s styling remains firm in its place for a little while longer.

Image courtesy Lemaire


There’s nothing that screams comfort louder than tech-wear, that being said, a mocktail and reflective windbreaker wouldn’t be the most suitable for an afternoon indulgence. Deriving itself from the flexible makings of tech-wear, several elements and detailing such as utility pockets, waterproof fabrics, and adjustable straps are making their way into men’s day-to-day fashion, an assurance of constant functionality. 

Image courtesy Hermès


It’s easy to feel the desire to run away from a loud noise but when it comes to this spring, the embrace of a loud and bold print just might be easier to withstand. It’s the season of floral motifs and geometric design, don’t shy away from that silky bloom. 

Image courtesy Dries van Noten


What’s better than one perfectly constructed outfit? A couple layers of them. Besides the versatility of the weather on a breezy spring’s day, your brunch outfit will endure similar changeability and visual interest with layering. 

Image courtesy Miu Miu


Considering that history is cyclical, men’s fashion sees a lot of nostalgic nods to past decades and elements such as vintage-inspired graphics, retro sportswear, and everyone’s favorite nod to the loose 90s. 

Image courtesy Wales Bonner


Fashion’s breath of fresh air would probably be linen and lightweight cotton, an ode to comfort chic, but make it a pair of shorts.  A tailored pair of shorts is the perfect way to achieve a polished yet casual look. 

Image courtesy Zegna

During this year’s transitional season, consider embracing relaxed tailoring, the rigidness desists when under the makings of lightweight fabrics, such as a pair of baggy linen pants or a relaxed-fit cotton t-shirt. The combination of earth tones and oversized silhouettes will ensure that your personality breaks through the exaggerated fitting. Take brunch as your opportunity to infuse comfort with sophistication and embrace the vibrant ambiance of the season. 

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