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Toxic Guys in the Egyptian Cinema

Trigger warning: You may relate to this..


In our discussions, we often find ourselves delving into the portrayal of toxic characters in both cinematic narratives and real-life experiences. It’s a complex and multifaceted topic, as the prevalence of toxic traits in movies and real life is undeniable. While the list of toxic individuals in our lives may seem endless, it’s intriguing to acknowledge that our fascination with toxic characters in movies mirrors our engagement with similar dynamics in real life. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the rich history of Egyptian cinema, where the depiction of toxic relationships has been a recurring theme. In light of this, we’ve curated a selection of characters from Egyptian cinema that resonated with us on a personal level, reflecting the enduring impact of toxic behavior on storytelling and our own lives.


All millennial babies can’t relate more to this! We’ve all had a Hazem in our lives. The guy who just gets under your skin in no time. And although we already knew how it ends, we can’t get him out of our minds. The character portrayed by Hani Salama in this movie resembles the typical toxic guy who follows the love-bombing method, and just wakes up one day and be like: No, I’m not interested anymore. 

Watch here.


It sounds like you’re reflecting on the all-too-familiar scenario of being involved with someone who lacks direction and commitment. The frustration and disappointment that stem from such encounters are undoubtedly relatable to many. The sentiment of being abruptly dumped with a vague justification like If we stuck together, you wouldn’t have been happy! can really leave us questioning ourselves.

Watch here.


You know that type who is just too careless? Like he just decides impulsively that he’s not into the groom stuff on the day of his wedding? That’s the character in this movie. So before planning your wedding, please make sure they won’t cancel..

Watch here.


Pure toxicity, Taymour in the movie is just frustrating. And some people may say Oh, jealousy is cute, but here it’s clearly not! If you ever sense fragile masculinity, disrespect, or controlling, this is completely free advice, just run!

Watch here.


Lying is nothing but a big fat red flag. So please, if you ever fall for someone like Tarek, who lied about everything just to win Sarah’s love, just know that lying is never justifiable under any circumstance. 

Watch here.

Have you ever been with any of these characters in real life? We’re just checking..

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