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Unveiling Excellence in Dentistry: Tips by Dr Tarek Hafez

Dr Tarek Hafez Redefining Dental Excellence

dr tarek hafez

Dr. Tarek Hafez, renowned for his expertise in implant dentistry and aesthetic smile makeovers, reflects on a career ignited by a childhood fascination with hands-on work. From the bustling halls of New York University to his current tenure at prestigious clinic, Apa Aesthetic, in Dubai, Dr. Hafez has seamlessly woven advanced surgical skills with a commitment to patient-centric care, setting new standards in the field. ELLE delved into his journey, philosophy on dental excellence, and insights into the evolving realm of dentistry.

dr tarek

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in dentistry, and how has your journey unfolded since then?

A: After high school, I was drawn to dentistry for its practical, hands-on nature—an antidote to a desk-bound career. My passion crystallized during my time at New York University, particularly through the Implants Program, where I honed my surgical and restorative skills. It was in New York where I met my current co-worker, Dr. David, and through him, I was recruited by Dr. Michael Apa for the Dubai-based clinic. This journey ultimately led me to Dubai, where I’ve spent the past seven years evolving alongside a dynamic team, shaping the future of dental care.

Q: Dental technology continues to advance rapidly. How do you incorporate cutting-edge innovations into your practice to enhance patient care?

A: Our practice thrives on a blend of proven protocols and innovative technologies. From digital impressions using oral scanners to advanced CAD CAM machines for porcelain restorations, we integrate technology that complements our meticulous approach. Our workflow relies heavily on specific skill sets for handmade porcelain restorations that create the foundation of what we do on a daily basis, but we also integrate the right digital innovation that perfectly fits our system, combining the best of both worlds. This hybrid model ensures efficient, comfortable procedures without compromising on precision.

Q: What do you believe sets apart exceptional dental care, and how do you strive to embody those principles in your practice?

A: Exceptional care begins with understanding and connection. Honest communication, personalized treatment plans, and a welcoming environment define our approach. We prioritize patient comfort—from offering entertainment during visits to eschewing clinical uniforms for a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s about creating a positive experience that extends beyond clinical excellence.

Q: Since many people are opting for veneers nowadays, what are some key tips for their after-care?

A: Consistent oral hygiene—twice-daily brushing with a soft-bristled brush, daily flossing, and regular dental check-ups 3-4 times a year with your dental hygienist and an annual check-up with your dentist—are crucial. Additionally, using a nightguard can protect veneers from grinding and clenching, preserving their longevity and appearance.

Q: What’s your perspective on achieving a “perfect smile,” particularly in contrast to the controversial “Hollywood smile” trend?

A: I advocate for a natural aesthetic in smile makeovers, using materials like Feldspathic Porcelain to mimic natural tooth layers. Our goal is a smile that enhances facial aesthetics harmoniously, steering clear of the artificial look associated with poorly executed treatments. An aesthetic treatment involves creating or recreating teeth with restorations that are healthy and result in a beautiful smile that feels authentic to the patient. The veneers blend seamlessly with their natural appearance, so others admire their smile rather than noticing the veneers themselves.

Q: As a leader in the dental field, what initiatives are you involved in to promote dental health awareness or education?

A: I leverage platforms like Instagram to share insights on dental health and collaborate with experts from diverse health fields. These initiatives aim to broaden awareness and education, emphasizing the interconnectedness of oral health with overall well-being.

Q: Other than brushing, what are your top tips for maintaining healthy teeth?

A: Beyond daily care, regular dental cleanings and check-ups are essential. I also recommend using a night guard to protect teeth from grinding—a common yet often overlooked issue contributing to dental wear.

Q: Can Botox help with a gummy smile, or how do you balance aesthetics with function in cosmetic and restorative procedures?

A: Addressing a gummy smile involves a tailored approach, from gingivectomy, veneers, lip fillers, Botox treatments for hypermobile upper lips to surgery. Balancing aesthetics and function is key; every procedure aims to enhance both the smile’s appearance and the patient’s overall dental health.

Q: What advice do you offer aspiring dentists navigating their careers in this evolving field?

A: Invest in continuous learning and personal growth. Set goals, adapt strategies, and embrace challenges as stepping stones to success. Persistence and a passion for excellence are the cornerstones of a fulfilling dental career.

Dr. Hafez’s journey underscores a commitment to innovation and patient-centered care, epitomizing the blend of artistry and science in modern dentistry. As he continues to shape smiles and inspire future dentists, his dedication to advancing dental health remains unwavering. 


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