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Three Years in the Making: “Rehla 404”

Mona Zaki on starring in “Rehla 404” 

Mona Zaki’s latest film, Rehla 404, hit theaters on January 25th, 2024. The film follows the main character Ghada as she navigates her way through various challenges.

The plot portrays her as a woman with a complicated past, attempting to figure out her new life in a clean-cut manner. Days before traveling to Mecca for “Hajj (Muslim Pilgrimage)” she is faced with an emergency that requires a large sum of money. Forced to turn to people from her past whom she had cut ties with, Ghada ends up in a preordained mess of her own, tying her into situations she cannot get out of unscathed. Her faith, a recent resting place, is then challenged. 

The character is a well-painted metaphor for an internal religious struggle. We watch her switch gears between trying to get to Mecca, clearly looking for absolution, to fighting for her new life, her faith, and her family. 

“My first impression of the script was that it was a really good one, it was different. It was very intelligent and very philosophical. Working with Hani Khalifa really motivated me for this project because he’s a really big director whom I enjoy working with.” Mona Zaki tells ELLE at the premiere.

Rehla 404 sees an array of Egyptian stars as different characters in Ghada’s life. Among them Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Mamdouh, Shereen Reda, and Khaled El-Sawy.

Directed by Hani Khalifa and written by Mohamed Ragaa, the movie takes on tackling a multitude of issues in Egyptian society. From complex family dynamics to society’s view of the modern woman, Rehla 404 truly is an eye-opening experience. 

The movie that took three years in the making is now playing in theaters. 

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