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These Two Astrological Signs Are Known To Look Younger Than Their Age

Discover the anti-aging secret of these two astrological signs!


Is there a makeover? If a few months ago, we put our finger on “This astrological particularity that makes you (almost) not age”, it would seem that this is not the only phenomenon capable of defusing the effects of the passage of time. Say goodbye to Botox sessions and numerous serums enriched with hyaluronic acid, astrology has a well-kept secret for taming wrinkles. At least that’s what an astrologer promises in a recent Instagram video. Carol Starr, reincarnation of Grandma Yetta (“A Nanny from Hell”) and “My Beloved Witch”, is an expert on the stars. While she regularly shares horoscopes, she also has fun drawing up portraits of the different zodiac signs. Her latest achievement to date: a video in which she reveals the names of the two characters “who always seem younger than they are”. Lighting.

“I am not saying that they can get younger, but there is something about the way they are and how they look, something about their personality that seems to make them younger,” says the astrologer. Like her, we prefer to prevent, it is not a miracle cure to eliminate wrinkles but indeed an impression. That is also the good thing about astrology. Since it is by no means a science, we can have fun deciphering and understanding the feelings we have by relying on global influences.

These two astrological signs will remain young all their lives

What does it really take to give the impression of never aging? For Carole Starr, the secret lies in the fiery and exalted nature of certain signs. She explains: “Sagittarius looks much younger than his age. I don’t know if it’s his mentality, his state of mind, the fact that he has good skin, or his DNA. There can be a lot of explanations. ” Born under a lucky star, Sagittarius benefits from the vibrant energy of Jupiter. His master planet gives him a thirst for discovery such that he is capable of constantly renewing himself. A detail that makes him particularly happy and adventurous. Inexhaustible and always ready to test everything, Sagittarius is a fire sign that nothing can stop. When his friends start to “feel the aftermath of the evening pass”, he will be the first to want to put the table back on. And if that’s not the secret of eternal youth, we no longer know what you need to succeed in convincing yourself!

“The second sign to have this power is none other than Gemini. Nicknamed the big kid of the zodiac, the first sign of Air doesn’t hold up. He likes to put on a show and entertain those around him. “Is it their makeup, the way they are getting ready? If the astrologer wonders about the secret of Gemini’s longevity, she comes to the following conclusion: “It’s probably due to their fun spirit. ” No matter where they get that strength from, they’re just young and beautiful. Often characterized by an innocent side and a refreshing lightness, Gemini is one of those who love to learn, question and discover. It feeds on the world around it, which allows it to always be in the era of time. The years go by, nothing changes: he still has this desire to explore and innovate. A mentality that keeps him in great shape for the rest of his life.

What if that was the cure? Managing to always adapt to the environment around us… Normal, these are two mutable signs. Exit the “it was better in my time”, these two astrological signs understood it well. Their flexibility and open-mindedness remain their best anti-aging serum. And because they also love to share, this secret also extends to people with an Ascendant, Moon sign, or Venus in Sagittarius or Gemini.

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