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The Ultimate Bridal Guide: The Final Touch

A look at the best bridal accessories to complete your look

model in wedding dress on the runway

In our series of The Ultimate Bridal Guide, our editors have compiled everything and more today’s modern bride can wish for: from the prettiest engagement dresses to the honeymoon or interior trends for your first home! Today we bring to you the best accessories to complete the perfect bridal look.

For the final touch, from the pre-wedding reception, wedding, and after-party, our editors give you the low-down on the finest accessories from head-to-toe, that will make sure you stand out brighter than any spot-light that hits you down the aisle.


We grow up dreaming of becoming a princess for the sole reason of having a tiara, as a bride, we finally get our royal moment.


A veil can go a long way in enhancing any bridal look. These veils will ensure you that extravagance you crave on your big day.


No need to panic about where you’ll keep your gloss and phone throughout the night, with these bags, you are assured functional beauty!


With the endless opportunities that heels provide you with, the perfect pair to match your dress may often be hard to find. Here are our favorite heels you can dance the night away in.


After the wedding, comes the after-effects of the hours in heels. As the ceremony progresses, there’s nothing like a pair of sneakers that will help you power through the rest of the celebrations.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s guide to the finest of jewelry!

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