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The Synergy of Design & Fashion: Transcendental Atmosphere

ELLE takes fashion beyond the runway to Egypt's Hot Spots

Image courtesy Khufus/ Nour El Refai. Collage Astrid Doil

As creative components invariably influence and complement each other, ELLE showcases exceptional fashion, accessories, and interiors, fostering a synergy in design.

The future of tradition with modernized Egyptian cuisine is envisioned with Khufu’s restaurant, situated near the iconic Great Pyramids of Giza where no view in the world can compete.


Image courtesy Khufu’s/ Nour El Refai

Khufu’s restaurant achieved remarkable recognition at the 2023 UNESCO Prix Versailles Awards. This prestigious accolade, the World Special Prize for Exterior Design in the Restaurants category, highlights Khufu’s outstanding architectural and design excellence. Selected by a distinguished jury comprising notable figures such as designer Elie Saab, and architect Ryue Nishizawa, this award underscores Khufu’s exceptional contribution to enhancing beauty, preserving cultural heritage, and reflecting local identity. Khufu’s innovative approach not only captivated the jury but also embodies the essence of the Prix Versailles Awards, which celebrate projects that elevate living environments and leave a lasting cultural impact.

Another essential partnership took place with Style Design and the Egyptian architect Hisham Ghorab who brought the Pier88 Group dream to reality, giving Khufu’s its heart and soul through the use of reflective architecture and intricate earthy furnitures and details in the exterior  in shades of  Egyptian sand,  Nubian red to accents of Malachite Black.

Image courtesy Khufus/ Nour El Refai


The Chloé Spring Summer 2024 collection by Gabriela Hearst, infused with craftmensship details and a steady conscious message about sustainable design. Gabriela Hearst pushed her message on the role fusion power has in the fight against climate change at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (CoP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in 2022.

Image courtesy Chloé


Founded in 2017 by Egyptian designer Leila Abo Tira, Aliel—Leila spelled backward—embodies the beautiful and unusual side of fashion. Aliel aim to empower and inspire women through pieces of art, celebrating the originality, individuality, equality, and freedom, respresenting the modern Egyptian women. Aliel has been spotted on Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie and many more. The Sukoon bag welcomes a minimalistic vibe means calmness in Arabic.

Image courtesy Aliel


Matthieu Blazy takes you for Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2024 to a global journey of arts and crafts. A testament to the enduring allure of artistry and craftsmanship. With each piece, he unveils a narrative that transcends borders, cultures, and time, weaving together a tapestry of global influences. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestries of diverse cultures, Blazy’s designs pay homage to the intricate artistry found in every corner of the world. Each garment tells a story of centuries-old traditions passed down through generations. Blazy infuses his collection with a modern sensibility, reinterpreting classic techniques with a contemporary twist. Intricate hand-woven fabrics are juxtaposed with sleek, minimalist silhouettes, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. But beyond the exquisite craftsmanship and breathtaking aesthetics lies a deeper message – a celebration of the artisans whose skill and dedication breathe life into each creation. In a world dominated by mass production and fast fashion, Blazy reminds us of the value of slow, meticulous craftsmanship, where every stitch is infused with passion and purpose.


Azza Fahmy jewellery, known internationally as the Egyptian jewelry brand,  is characterized by its intricate craftsmanship, preserving techniques that were used thousands of years ago. Every piece is uniquely handcrafted to tell a unique story to its wearer. Azza Fahmy‘s signature is incorporating different cultures into wearable art while combining it with intricate craftsmanship. El Nur Earcuff is a subtle modern take on ancient Egyptian designs.

Image courtesy Azza Fahmy


Maximilan Davis designed a Spring Summer 2024 Ferragamo show which explores a modern mix of culture and craftsmanship, in a subtle contrast of luxury and naturalness. The collection features lightweight textures, tailored constructions, and sculptural accents which compose an everyday wardrobe.

Image courtesy Ferragamo


The Row, known for its minimalist aesthetic and luxurious craftsmanship. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen climbed the epitome of slow moments of delight. Focusing on quality and craftmensship, every item is made as to last forever piece. The Pablo sandal is a statement. artisanally-crafted fisherman sandal in vegetable-tanned leather.

Image courtesy The Row


Emeli, an Egyptian brand focusing on classic techniques. Handmade leather sandals as statement shoe all around the globe.

Image courtesy Emile


Art of Form adapt and incorporate influences that enhance style and function. The interior design trends 2024 exemplify this in a way that tells a story. Embracing earth tones is one of the interior design color trends in 2024. Peach, sand and rusty are shades that not only bring warmth, but also a connection to the great outdoors. Furniture and accessories that mimic natural elements of wood, plants, and metals offer an opportunity to create a calming environment much like being outside. Art of Form is elevating outdoors with Tribu‘s Senja sofa by Studio Segers as ultimate sophistication.

Image courtesy Art of Form
Image courtesy Tribu


Style Design Architects has crafted the ambiance of Khufu’s restaurant, embellished with the exquisite offerings of Pedrali, notably featuring the Panarea armchairs designed by CMP Design. Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscape of Giza, Egypt, Pedrali extends its creative reach to enhance the dining experience at Khufu’s. Guided by the artistic vision of Style Design Architects, the restaurant boasts a seamless fusion of modern Italian aesthetics and ancient Egyptian allure. Set against the backdrop of the majestic pyramids, Pedrali‘s high-end furnishings harmonize effortlessly with the sandstone surroundings, weaving a narrative of opulence and refinement throughout the space.

Image courtesy Pedrali


Vesta, an Egyptian design and manufacturing house, focuses on a contemporary take on Arabic styles. The table in Nubian inspired shades and shapes stands for a dynamic vision of Egyptian interior brands.



AbraCadabra, an Egyptian brand by Yassmin Nader, draws inspiration from the dynamic sand dunes, blending ancient art with modern techniques. Constantly evolving, they aim for a natural and distinct aesthetic. Serving as a platform for creativity, AbraCadabra is a top contemporary ceramic brand, influencing the culinary scene’s new wave. Seen as official charming pottery brand at Khufu’s.

Image courtesy Abracadabra
Image courtesy Abracadabra


Founded by the visionaries behind Kin Forms and Geek Woods, Kog was born out of a passion for celebrating the artistry deeply embedded in Egyptian culture. The brands journey takes you on a curated exploration of dinnerware, furniture, scents, and decor – each piece meticulously selected to reflect the beauty and heritage of Egypt. At Kog, the mission is to redefine luxury by offering a personalized touch to every aspect of your lifestyle. believeing that true elegance lies in the details, and carefully curated collections embody the essence of this belief. A story, a connection to the artisans, and a celebration of craftsmanship.
Image courtesy Kog
Image courtesy Kog


Kensho is the experience of one’s true nature and essence. Drawing inspiration from cultures that celebrate this internal sense of wellbeing, Kensho combine ancient Egyptian herbal healing with Japan’s minimal and essentialist way of living. The calm awareness of your surroundings, a feeling that fills the air. Mindfully crafted from the earth, Kensho draws from the nature around you into the nature within. Using essential oils and herbs to capture your aroma and enliven your senses. Inspired by the sense of calm one finds in nature, Kensho uses earth-drawn aromas to recreate that feeling at home. The ingredients are consciously extracted and crafted in their purest form, formulating products that are mindful of the earth as well as your senses.

Image courtesy Kensho

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