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The Synergy of Design and Fashion: The Cave as Paradigm Shift in Style Evolution

ELLE takes fashion beyond the runway to Egypt's Hot Spots

The Synergy of Design and Fashion: The Cave as Paradigm Shift in Style Evolution
Image courtesy Esca Cueva/ Nour El Rafai. Collage Astrid Doil

As creative components invariably influence and complement each other, ELLE showcases exceptional fashion, accessories, and interiors, fostering a synergy in design.

The vision of a contemporary cave is turned into reality with Esca Cueva, a restaurant, with dining under the dunes of the desert, situated in New Giza.


Luxury hospitality group Esca has established itself as a champion of nature, consistently introducing new concepts across the city that pay homage to the captivating landscapes of Egypt. In their most recent endeavor, Esca turns its attention to the desert with Cueva.
Image courtesy Esca Cueva/ Nour El Rafai

Esca Cueva, translating to cave in Latin, emerges as a futuristic cavernous retreat nestled in the heart of the New Giza desert. Here, guests can momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of Cairo, indulging in tranquil solitude while overlooking the city’s bustling landscape.

Esca Cueva boasts a modernist interior that reflects the undulating dunes of the desert, imbuing the space with a raw, earthy, and timeless ambiance. The restaurant’s unconventional dining area serves as a testament to the celebration of nature and art, offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in Esca’s experimental gastronomy, encompassing both food and drink.

Cueva’s architecture, crafted by Badie Architects, adheres to a simple yet profound philosophy: harsh lines are avoided in favor of softer hues and arched interiors, creating a more organic and welcoming atmosphere.

Image courtesy Esca Cueva/ Nour El Rafai


Related to mother earth from the beginning, Stella McCartney is the sustainable high fashion pioneer, showcasing a beautiful cocooning summer silhouette.

Image courtesy Stella McCartney


Voluminous amorphic shapes are central to the COS Spring Summer 2024 collection. Elongated balloon sleeves enhance the oversized silhouette, from floating whites to earthed toned.

Image courtesy Cos
Image courtesy Cos


‘Rooted,’ Dina Shaker‘s Spring Summer 2024 is a collection that masterfully merges timeless classics with innovative Egyptian designs, evoking deep nostalgia and forward-thinking precision.

Image courtesy Dina Shaker
Image courtesy Dina Shaker


Lightweight textures, tailored constructions and sculptural accents compose an everyday wardrobe defined by the tension of opposites, balancing ease and refinement, fluidity and substance, elegance and audacity. The Ferragamo house legacy, are explored through a modern mix of culture and craftsmanship, in a subtle contrast of luxury and naturalness.

Image courtesy Ferragamo


The Max Mara Spring Summer 2024 collection: a new utility glamour inspired by the ethereal colours of sand-dunes and lightweight air. The sandy look worn by Imaan Hammam, the supermodel of the moment with Egyptian heritage.

Image courtesy Max Mara
Image courtesy Max Mara


Underlining the sculptured silhouettes, as seen on Liya Kebede. Khaite is showing blurring distinctions of surface and structure, organic and synthetic, shadow and glow for the Spring Summer 2024 collection.


Curved as a little cave and with metallic rays, Lutz Morris spring summer 2024 Blaine pouch is perfect for a night out at the Esca Cueva.


Sarah Abouzahra’s gold plated, sandblast brass Devils Marbles earrings are inspired by large granitic boulders, the marbles balance precariously atop each other in mind bending formations. The granitic boulders glow a stunning red in the morning and when the sun sets.


A mirror as the organic shape of the caves, Egyptian Maison Rafik’s mirror is a statement in design.

Image courtesy Maison Rafik


This Revive Studio distinctive lightning piece showcases a fusion of imitation roughcast form.

Image courtesy The Revive Studio


The molded ceramic candles are creating a warm cavelike atmosphere at Zara Home.

Image courtesy Zara Home
Image courtesy Zara Home


Clop the contemporary pouf by Giorgetti is available in Egypt at Art of Form. Clop is a modern shaped rocking seat that recalls childhood memories.

Image courtesy Giorgetti


The Loro Piana Palm Duet chaise longue, inspired by organic shapes, with broad armrest that can be occupied by another person, inviting conversation.

Image courtesy Loro Piana


The Egyptian chair by Finn Juhl 1949. Design critics have described the Egyptian Chair as a miraculous mix of ancient Egyptian design principles, modern rhythms, and aerodynamics. The chair was displayed for the first time in 1949 in Copenhagen at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition.
Image courtesy Finn Juhl


The stool CAS by Ahmed Hussein was featured in the Danish – Egyptian furniture exhibition for Bilingual Design.

Image courtesy Dedi Bilingual Design


Tufted wool rug by H&M Home, with an eye-catching, organic silhouette. The long pile feels super soft and cosy underfoot and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Image courtesy HM Home

Sculptural H&M Home side table in lightweight metal that has been treated to create a rustic, cast-iron look.

Image courtesy HM Home


A side table like an organic desert rock at the Capital Promenade based Rkan.

Image courtesy Rkan


The art pieces of Nart Homedecor, inspired by dunes, symbolize art that speaks louder than words.

Image courtesy Nart Homedecor
Image courtesy Nart Homedecor

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