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The Shoe(w) Everyone’s Talking About

The new Balenciaga 10x shoes are all the hype, here's all you need to know

In the glory age of social media and the stardom of influencers, nothing matters more than the current moment. It is 18$ smoothies and leather tote bags down an LA runway with the iconic Hollywood sign as a backdrop that had the Balenciaga Fall 24 collection at the center point of everybody’s conversation. Everybody that’s somebody was there, and everybody who wanted to be somebody wanted to be there. From sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner to Nicole Kidman, Brooklyn Beckham, and Camille Rowe, the show was a meeting point for some of LA’s most influence-heavy celebs. 

The fashion show saw what was LA culture come to life. No longer about glitz and glamour, LA culture has become an immersive performance of importance. In the broad California sun, strutting down the runway were the Balenciaga models in No-Logo jerseys and high jewelry realized in collaboration with Jacob & Co. leather tote bags were provided by LA celebrities’ favorite supermarket Erewhon and big shoes were worn on plain black leggings because the shoes are all the conversation that needs to be had. Nobody does feigned importance better than Balenciaga

The show debuted the new Balenciaga shoe, the 10XL sneaker in two colorways. It is an ode to extravagance and inflamed influence culture, a specialty of creative director Demna. The shoe is a literal stepping stone into Balenciaga fashion. It’s available in yellow/white/blue and blue/gray/black variants and retails for a whopping 1490$. 

The shoe has stirred quite a conversation in the fashion scene worldwide. Some were in a frenzy over its inflamed affluence, and others found it tacky and overdone. Would you wear the 10XL sneaker?

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