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The Everything Shower to Wash the Week Away

ELLE’s ultimate guide to the girls’ everything shower


On weekends, we go to the spa, have some pool time, then we rush home for the everything shower! And now that the eagerly anticipated long weekend is here, we’re gonna have the shower of our dreams! The everything shower is a mindful practice that integrates various self-care elements to nourish the body, mind, and soul. Let’s explore this rejuvenating experience and how it can transform your daily routine.



It’s kind-of a nutritional step. Drench your scalp in oils; rosemary oil, coconut oil, whatever you like. We see your face has been drained out of life recently, why don’t you try applying some face masks? To be honest, they’re not magic tools, but you’ll feel a little bit refreshed afterwards.



Yes, the weather is hot already. But don’t forget to turn the water heater on, the everything shower is all about the steamy bathroom. Fill the bathtub with warm water, and if you want it dramatic, warm-colored bath bombs will help. For extra drama, prepare your favorite music-list and light some scented candles. 


Hey! You’ve been laying in the water for too long, it’s almost cold now. Take that scrub on the shelf, squeeze most of it, and scrub your skin until you feel it’s enough. One of the best scrubs you can get in the local market is Smack that Scrub, presented with different scents to satisfy all tastes. Lazy Republic‘s The Body Scrub is catering to coffee lovers, a strong coffee scent kicks in once you open the jar. Now you’re ready to cloud the bathroom with a single shot of espresso.


Image courtesy: Lazy Republic

Did you listen? Now they have scalp scrubs, something you never knew you needed. Lazy Republic has one of the best scalp scrubs in town. The product has a fresh smell and leaves your scalp feeling clean and refreshed. Don’t worry, the brand wasn’t lazy making that scrub.. Also, this product is the editor’s favorite from this brand, alongside the heat protectant.


We often hear this word in the daily skincare routine vlogs, but we don’t mean double cleanse your face. Here we mean double cleanse your hair. Start off with a strong clarifying shampoo then finish with a creamy moisturizing one. Among the endless shampoos in the market, both Eva Keratin and Smack that Scrub shampoos can be the perfect duo. 

Smack that Scrub shampoo


We’re done with the roots, now it’s time for the ends. Shampoos by their natural purpose suck the hair dry of excess oils, and most of the time get the necessary oils in the process. To avoid undesired consequences, apply a good amount of hair conditioner enough to coat your hair, and avoid the roots before anything. Did you rinse off the balsam? Very well, now squeeze your hair until it’s not dripping, and apply a hair mask. ELLE editors recommend the best products they’ve tried in the local market. 

Smack that Scrub 

Smack that Scrub hair mask

Not only cool and well-packaged, their products are insanely good. If you’re a wavy hair girl, you won’t have to worry about the aftermath of applying their hair conditioner and hair mask. They both moisturize deeply without leaving the hair greasy and sticky. We recommend that you apply their hair mask 2-3 times a week.


Image courtesy: Favelin

Written on the jar repair mask, and it does what it says. It repairs damaged hair especially if you’re a fan of straightening tools. Use this once a week and it won’t be long until you start feeling the difference.


Even if the hair hasn’t fully grown out yet, just shave, it’s part of the program. Shaving doesn’t only help you get rid of body hair, it gives you a smoother skin and helps you remove dead skin cells.


Last touch. All you need is your loofah, soft or harsh based on personal preference, and two or three pumps of your favorite body wash. ELLE editors recommend that you use gentle and non-irritating shower gels. 

As the everything shower draws to a close, take a final moment to savor the serenity and rejuvenation it has brought. Step out of the shower feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the day ahead. Take this feeling of well-being with you, carrying it into every aspect of your life as you navigate the challenges and joys that lie ahead.

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