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The Eid Run to The Salon

What women do most at the salon on Eid's eve?

The nine-day holiday has finally arrived. Men’s process to welcome Eid is pretty simple, they just do car maintenance, shave their beard, pack average three shorts, and hit the road. However, women go through a whole different process before heading to Sahel or Gouna. From skin and hair masks that women begin applying at least a week before Eid, culminating in the final stage to visiting the salon on the night of Eid to add the finishing touches.

Sometimes, we think it’s hard for a group of people to think alike and act simultaneously. However, the opposite is proven when you see over a hundred women scrambling to book their slots at the beauty salon on Eid night, as if they all agreed beforehand to go at the same time. And here comes the question: What do women do at the salon at this time?

All women head to the beauty salon on Eid night for a very well-known reason – they wanna be pretty! And we won’t get deep about how beauty lies within and such boring mantras, because we know very well that we take appearances into considerations. So, let’s dive into the details of the annual salon visit!

Usually, the salon visit on Eid’s eve is somewhat chaotic yet comprehensive at the same time. Most often, the first step is the Moroccan bath, an hour of relaxation in a steamy bath while your skin is scrubbed with Moroccan soap, clay and Moroccan loofah, leaving you with soft, clean, and vibrant skin.

Now that we’re done with the first phase, it’s time for the face. Here, we’re talking about facials, which come in countless varieties but all work towards giving you clear and radiant skin, satisfying your beauty desires.

Then, we move on to nail care, known as pedicure and manicure, one of the most requested services in the salon, whether during the Eid season or on regular days. You sit back and relax, while your nails are trimmed, moisturized, and polished.

The final and most important step is hair. We all strive to get the best hairstyle for Eid, but before applying any heat, the hair undergoes a series of care and pampering steps, from deep cleansing and conditioning to various treatment sessions. While some women prefer just straightening or curling their hair, others opt for a complete change, with a new hair color or haircut, or both, resulting in an entirely new look.

Amidst the rush of women inside the salon on Eid night, all hurrying to step out with the best possible look for the occasion, a question arises: What is the most requested service in the salon on Eid night among the many comprehensive services offered?  One of the employees at Al Sagheer Salons unveils the truth: “Hair dye is the most sought-after service during the Eid period.”

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