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The Crochet Craze

Embrace the breezy world of a crocheted summer

The Crotchet Craze
Valentino Men's SS24

This summer is all about the crochet craze! Men’s fashion takes a bold, breezy turn with the revival of crocheted tops.

From sophisticated polos to laid-back vests, crochet is weaving its way into the hearts and wardrobes of fashionable men everywhere. This intricate, handcrafted technique, long celebrated in women’s fashion, now brings a fresh, textured aesthetic to men’s summer attire.

As seen on the Alyx runway and more, light, airy, and effortlessly cool crocheted tops are perfect for those looking to stay chic and comfortable under the sun.

Dive into this trend and discover how crochet transforms summer style with its blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair:

Stay tuned for more men’s summer trends!

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