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The Blue Hue

Embracing sky blue - Summer 2024's most versatile fashion trend

The Blue Hue
Gucci Lido, Image courtesy Gucci

Make way red for the blue hue is here! As the summer sun graces us with its warm embrace, fashion enthusiasts eagerly turn their gaze to the runways, searching for the latest trends to dominate the season.

While red is still as dominant as ever, for those who savored the moment and crave a change, there’s nothing better for summer than the blue hue, specifically the captivating waves of sky blue.

From ethereal dresses that flutter in the beach breeze to chic, versatile ensembles perfect for transitioning from a sun-soaked day to a vibrant night out, sky-blue clothing is the standout trend of Summer 2024.


From Staud to Fendi, explore how this enchanting shade can be your go-to choice, taking you seamlessly from the beach to the bar, embodying the epitome of summer style:

This year we are going to swim through summer’s blue hue!

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