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The Beauty of Glittering Bees in a Bottle

When Guerlain & Begum Khan meet

egum Khan for Guerlain

To celebrate the holidays Guerlain invited Turkish jewelry brand Begüm Khan to add a new twist to its iconic creations and celebrate the Maison’s symbol, the bee.  Crafted from luxurious and precious materials Begüm Khan’s creations for Guerlain breathe life into a dreamlike world of special animals.


Begüm Khan’s beloved bestiary is coming to Exceptional Pieces, showcasing the bee, the symbol of Guerlain, and the beetle, the artist’s lucky animal. Following in their wake, the tiger, frog and tortoise complete this world of fantastical animals.

The designer has created two Exceptional Pieces beautifully enhancing the iconic Bee Bottle, which is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year: a masterful Métier d’Art piece decorated with a radiant beetle and an Exceptional Piece based on the bee for the Imagine Guerlain Christmas rendezvous.

For L’Art & la Matière, Begüm Khan has created five precious personalization plates adorning the collection’s iconic bottle with the imaginary animals most dear to both creative houses. For Rouge G, the jewelry designer celebrates the bee, the house’s symbol, through a jewel case set with gems.



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