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Take the Girl Out for Coffee

ELLE’s guide to the best coffee spots in town


Joyful seasons are around the corner and we’re back to morning coffee dates! We all know, girls before sipping their morning coffee are completely different than after. So when you’re spotting a place to take the girl out for a coffee date, you have to be very picky. Whether you’re seeking a cozy corner for intimate conversation or a lively atmosphere for spirited banter, Cairo‘s coffee scene has something for every taste and preference. From traditional Egyptian cafes exuding old-world charm to trendy establishments blending innovation with tradition, this city beckons coffee enthusiasts to embark on a delightful journey through its rich caffeinated offerings. Join us as we uncover the top destinations for unforgettable coffee dates in the heart of Cairo. 


Located in the heart of Maadi with vintage interiors. Greco is one of the oldest and best cafes where you can enjoy impeccable coffee.

Location: Maadi, Cairo


That’s where our parents and grandparents used to go for coffee dates. If your date is fascinated with everything vintage and old times, no other place will fit her more. 

Location: Downtown Cairo


That gem located in Downtown Cairo will make you feel like you need to go there dressed in a formal outfit with Ahmed Mourad’s 1919 novel in your hand. If you two are not really that talkative and bookworms at the same time, this is the spot for you. 

Location: Downtown Cairo


In the mood for delicious breakfast and elegantly-packaged coffee? This is the place for you!

Locations: Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, North Coast


This is probably the most creative coffee cup you’ll ever see, and the best ice-coffee you’ll ever taste!

Location: Sheikh Zayed


It won’t be able to decide what to pick of their menu, but whatever your choice, it’s guaranteed to give you a fresh start for the day.

Location: New Cairo

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