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Success in The Past and a New Chapter… Risk or Calculated Step?

AlRawabi School for Girls... A new adventure between past success and future challenges

Picture via @alrawabinetflix on Instagram

The original Arabic series AlRawabi School for Girls produced by Netflix returns with a new season after a hiatus of nearly two years.

The significant success achieved by the series during its previous run sets high expectations for the new season, especially as it returns with a new story and new characters, which took the audience by surprise. Will the show maintain the same level of success after replacing characters that left their mark in the first season?

The series addresses stories that tackle issues of social media obsession and bullying, delving into character conflicts and their quest for distinction and virtual fame.


The first season revealed the stories of teenage girls in high school and their struggles amidst the prevalence of bullying among them. Perhaps the most controversial aspect was the Mean Girls of it all.


The show narrates the attempts of one of the girls to reach the pinnacle of social hierarchy in school. All she aims for is to achieve the greatest popularity among the students, which she can attain, albeit falsely, by posting a video on TikTok.

Events unfold (we won’t spoil the story for you, so you can enjoy watching the series), portraying the current generation’s obsession with social media platforms, false fame, and the feelings of envy many harbor toward those who can achieve this fame through such platforms.

Although issues like these are a concern for youth and girls in the Arab world, and although they are deep-rooted problems that require decisive solutions, many see the new season as nothing more than riding on the coattails of the previous success. Can the series match its previous successes?

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