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The Story Behind Ghada Abdelrazek’s 2024 Fashion Icon Award: ELLE Exclusive 

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek wins the 2024 Fashion Icon Award at the EMIGALA Awards

Ghada Abdelrazek
Image courtesy Ali Abo Zied

Glitz, glamour, and impeccable style. Egyptian actress Ghada Abdelrazek did not stop her noteworthy moments on the big screen, delivering all of our favorite TikTok sounds, the actress has also left us stunned one red carpet look at a time. 

We spoke to the star and the stylist behind her award-winning look to get the inside scoop. 


Image courtesy Ali Abo Zied

Styled by Mohamed El Sherif in a dazzling Stephane Rolland gown, the beloved star graced the carpet at the 2024 EMIGALA Awards. The gown is an electric blue organza masterpiece, embroidered with gold. The actress paired the look with a slick bun topped off with gold flakes and knee-length gold earrings. “I wanted her to resemble us as Egyptians, and our heritage and history. The collection was inspired by North Africa and closely resembled pharaonic art.” El Sherif tells ELLE. 

We asked the actress what makes a dress stand out to her, “To me, what makes a dress special is that it be different and new” Abdelrazek tells us, “It also has to suit me.” 


Image courtesy Amr Mounir

“I’m so so proud and honored that I get to do this at my age, managing a big celebrity like Ghada Abdelrazek with such a long history and her unbelievable experience.” El Sherif tells us. 

“Ghada and I like to sit and discuss everything together, we’re able to come up with better ideas and understand each other’s points of view better,” He continues, “Of course there’s a certain pressure, it’s always there. To me, though, I think the more challenges that present themselves the more passionate I am about the job. To learn, to grow, to push forth, and to bring out the best possible product.”

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