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Stories in the Name of Humanity: Raghda El Ebrashi

Raghda El Ebrashi: “Supporting students in any way is an honor”

Raghda El Ebrashi

A professor of  Strategic Management at the German University in Cairo (GUC), Raghda El Ebrashi is an academic providing employment for marginalized youth in Egypt through her foundation Alashanek Ya Balady (AYB—For My Country.) 

El Ebrashi founded Alashanek ya Balady in 2002 as a student club at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and is currently chairing its board as a formal NGO. 

The foundation has become one of the biggest NGOs in Egypt and works on poverty eradication of the youth through establishing microprojects, employment, mentorship, training, and education. It does this through a market-based sustainable model catering to business sector and market needs, thus, bridging the gap.

“I believe that supporting students in any way is an honor,” El Ebrashi told ELLE “Although our organization does not deal with refugees, we have been working on the support of our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are registered students in Egyptian public universities since the inception of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.” 

The foundation has reached over 6K Palestinian students, almost half of whom have lost their families or are unable to contact them. Currently supporting 2.5K students with a monthly allowance of 4K EGP, the foundation has also connected some students to paid internship opportunities. In the works is a sponsorship program built to support students who have lost their families for the period of their education in Egypt.

“I was raised from an early age to do philanthropy, and it’s considered one of my highest values,” El Ebrashi tells us, “I believe that women (and men) who have connections or any sort of social power should utilize them for the good of other people. I’m blessed to have built a national and an international network, which I consciously use to benefit others.”

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