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Embrace leather jewelry for Spring/Summer 2024

Image courtesy Hermès

In the realm of fashion this Spring/Summer 2024, the allure of leather jewelry reigns supreme, casting a spell of rugged sophistication upon outfits far and wide.

The origins of hand-carved leather fade into the mists of antiquity, yet whispers of its craftsmanship persist through the ages, echoing from ancient Egyptian tombs to Roman burial grounds, spanning over 3,000 years of human history. Across the tapestry of early civilizations, the artistry of hand-tooled leather held sway, revered for its meticulous detailing and timeless charm.

Today, designers embrace this timeless material with fervor, offering contemporary twists on classic styles for the discerning fashionista with an artisanal flair. Whether adorning wrists with cuffs or gracing necks with chokers, leather jewelry seamlessly integrates into any ensemble, bestowing a dash of upscale rebellion upon the wearer’s look—a veritable must-have accessory for the season ahead.

Image courtesy Tod’s
Image courtesy Valentino
Image courtesy Hermès

From cuff, chokers to earrings, we rounded up the best items to shop now:

Mishka:  Egyptian designed tasseled leather earrings. Shop here.

Mishka: Egyptian designed blending crafts necklace. Shop here.

Mishka: Egyptian designed Lozegenes bracelet. Shop here.

Tory Burch: Eleanor leather bracelet. Shop here.

Tory Burch: Eleanor leather bracelet. Shop here.

Hermès: Olympe leather ear cuff. Shop here.

Hermès: Loop leather earrings. Shop here.

Hermès: Kelly twist leather bracelet large. Shop here.

Ferragamo: Gancini double twist bracelet. Shop here.

Ceraselle: Leather necklace. Shop here.

Ceraselle: Deco leather earrings. Shop here.

Ursul: Leather bracelet. Shop here.

Ursul: Leather cuff. Shop here.

Loewe: Paula’s Ibiza twist bracelet. Shop here.

Loewe: Slap leather bracelet tan. Shop here.

SK Zilla: Egyptian leather bracelet. Shop here.


Messika : My Move configurable leather bracelet . Shop here.
Messika: My Move configurable leather bracelet . Shop here.

Kay : Tut jewelry box. Shop here.

Embrace the spirit of the natural luxury.

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