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Runway Hair Trends: Al Sagheer Style Tips to Lock In Your Locks

ELLE & Al Sagheer Salons provide you with tips to achieve 8 perfect runway hair trends of 2024

Runway Hair Trends: Lock In Your Locks
Baby Bob, Image courtesy Gucci

When it comes to planning our looks, the most tedious task becomes the fixation on how to style our hair to elevate said looks. We all would like to fall into temptation and simply neglect the sophisticated doings and leave our stray strands to the wind but unfortunately, the summer heat dictates that void.

Our ELLE editors have collaborated with the expertise of Al Sagheer Salons to bring you the best hair trends as seen on the 2024 runways, and how to achieve the look, eliminating the stressful process of meticulous planning.

Here are our 8 hair picks:


Catch the wave with the Saltwater Swirl! The 2024 surf hairstyle is a fusion of beachy vibes and urban cool. Think tousled waves, effortlessly sculpted by the sea breeze, giving you that coveted sun-kissed, carefree look. Whether you’re hitting the waves or strolling the boardwalk, this style screams laid-back glamour.

Al Sagheer style tip:

Use the Keune Style Sea Salt Mist spray to provide volume, movement, and a matte, beachy finish.


Introducing the Mini Marvel. The baby bob hairstyle of 2024 is all about sleek sophistication that meets playful charm. With its cropped length framing the face delicately, it’s a nod to classic elegance with a modern twist. Perfect for those who dare to stand out while keeping it effortlessly chic.

Al Sagheer style tip:

A versatile Keune Shaping Fibres Modelantes wax can be used to add piece-y texture, shape flyaways, and create intricate hairstyles.


Get runway-ready with the Luxe Sweep. The deep side part hairstyle is a statement of sophistication and allure. Featuring a dramatic parting that cascades into sleek waves or sharp angles, it exudes high-fashion elegance with a hint of mystery. The look is perfect for those who want to command attention with every step.

Al Sagheer style tip:

Use a strong hold 1922 By J.M.Keune gel that provides a sleek, wet-look finish.


Dive into enchantment with the Mermaid Core Sleek hairstyle. This trend takes sleek hair to new depths, with a lustrous, ultra-straight mane that channels the ethereal beauty of mermaids. Picture a shimmering cascade of hair, effortlessly smooth and gleaming, echoing the mystical allure of the ocean’s depths.

Whether you’re strolling along the shore or making waves at a glamorous event, this style ensures you’ll captivate with every step.

Al Sagheer style tip:

The 1922 By J.M.Keune Gel provides a super sleek, sculptured finish for the most structured hairstyles.


Reviving ’90s chic, Givenchy‘s 2024 runway showcased the Retro Comb Band hairstyle. This trend merges vintage flair with contemporary elegance, featuring sleek hair adorned with comb headbands reminiscent of the iconic ’90s era.

Whether you’re opting for a minimalist or embellished design, this look adds a touch of nostalgia to any ensemble, perfect for a casual day out or a glamorous night on the town.

Al Sagheer style tip:

You can use the Ultra Texture Gel from Keune or the Invisi’hold L’Oreal hair gel.


Stepping into opulence, Tory Burch‘s 2024 runway unveiled the Regal Embellishment hairstyle. This trend exudes luxury with its lavish adornments, from jeweled hairpins to intricate barrettes, elevating any hairstyle to regal heights.

Whether you’re flaunting a sleek updo or flowing locks, these embellishments add a touch of glamour fit for royalty, making a statement on both casual days and formal affairs.

Al Sagheer style tip:

Use the Keune Freestyle Spray to help lock in embellished styles while adding brilliant shine.


Transporting you back to the romance of ’70s cinema, the Sunset Serenade hairstyle of Spring/Summer 2024 evokes the nostalgia of a love story on celluloid.

Inspired by the effortless beauty of leading ladies from that era, this trend features straight, dry hair with a hint of tousled texture, reminiscent of sun-kissed moments captured on film.

If you’re channeling your inner Ali MacGraw, this hairstyle adds a touch of cinematic charm to your modern-day look, perfect for creating your own timeless love story.

Al Sagheer style tip:

Use the Keune Defrizz Serum to smooth down cuticles and create sleek, straight styles.


Embracing the essence of effortless beauty, the Bare Breeze hairstyle graced the runways of Spring/Summer 2024. Inspired by the laissez-faire attitude of the season, this trend celebrates natural waves with a carefree spirit.

Picture soft, tousled locks cascading gently, as if kissed by the summer breeze. Whether you’re strolling along the beach or attending a rooftop soirée, this understated yet alluring look captures the essence of laid-back elegance, perfect for the sunny days ahead.

Al Sagheer style tip:

The Keune Style Root Volumizer adds body and lift to fine or flat hair without crunchiness.

Which hair trend will you be sporting this summer?

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