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RiseUp Summit Brings Forth A Myriad of Industry Tycoons

ELLE becomes a media partner with RiseUp Summit

RiseUp Summit
Image courtesy Grand Egyptian Museum via Instagram

The MENA region’s biggest entrepreneurship event, RiseUp Summit, is back once again for its 11th edition. Between the 16th and 18th of May, leaders, tech experts, investors, and media mavens have been collated to guide and inspire Middle Eastern and Africa’s startups.

Taking place at the heart of the Grand Egyptian Museum, the summit is set to host a range of key speakers from CEOs, such as Menthum’s Ismail Sarhank, Learning Experience Designers and Managers similar to Kristin Ellison of TikTok, and creatives of globally renowned entities as big as Pixar Animation Studios’, Daniel Gonzales III.

Alongside significantly acknowledged speakers, the event will see the influence of 350+ global lecturers and 300+ startups with a part-taking of versatile workshops, panel chats, and networking platforms aimed at inspiring MENA startups and establishing the most prevailing of connections.

Within the aforementioned heart of the Grand Egyptian Museum, lies the four chambers of the heart of the RiseUp Summit. The Startup Zone, which includes all participating startups exhibiting at the event, is the Creative Zone that fixates on the creative industry, such as art exhibitions, the creative marketplace, and fashion shows. The Tech Zone highlights emerging technologies within the market, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality exhibitions, and finally, the Capital Zone, the stage that showcases new investment opportunities and the upcoming generation of entrepreneurship within the funding field.

This year’s edition of the summit upgrades its offerings, presenting six new immersive and engaging features.


For the startups that have contributed and participated in exhibiting their expertise for more than two years at the summit, they have the opportunity to be considered in the RiseUp Through The Years Experience in partnership with Turathna and MSMEDA. The Creative Marketplace is a window to special benefits such as reduced package prices, exclusive badges, and fast access to investor matchmaking sessions.


With the sport taking the globe by storm, the summit introduces a Padel tournament, powered by Partment and  SR Padel, offering participants the prospect of networking whilst eliminating the stress of the professional settings that are usually required around such occurrences.


Shedding light upon the achievements of previous ecosystems, RiseUp Through The Years, a virtual reality experience in collaboration with 5DVR, pays tribute to the creativity, ideas, and experiences developed by the MENA’s entrepreneurs of the last 10 years of leadership and innovation, bringing them into fruition once again on stages and exhibits of the summit.


In partnership with Wuzzuf and Unlock, RiseUp embraces their Limitless theme and focuses on providing participants with countless openings to connect startups with respective and potential resources relevant to the success of their companies, such as investor office hours, mentorship sessions, speaker circles, and talent matchmaking.

To embark on a journey of endless entrepreneurial opportunities and open doors at the summit sponsored by some of the world’s top players such as ITIDA, Vodafone, Event House, Alchemy Studios, Paymob, and MO4 Network, book your tickets here.

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