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Prada Rethinks Beauty

Prada launches its first makeup and skincare collection


Prada rethinks beauty for the launch of its first makeup and skincare collection. Prada reimagined its vision of beauty, to propose a free-thinking, avant-garde definition of beauty activated by tech and creativity. The full skincare-to-complexion routine includes eco-designed packaging and skin-conscious formulas infused in the Prada Augmented Skin new refillable cream, refillable serum and refillable foundation. To complete the full skin optimization routine, Prada offers the Essence Toner with soft micro-peel and Augmented Skin Cleanser & Makeup Remover.



Prada rethinks color and provides a tech-augmented makeup range covering eyes and lips, to offer maximal expression with minimal effort. The Prada color range includes Prada Monochrome matte lipstick with 26 fashion-curated shades, a Prada Balm lip-optimized formula and 3 durable multi-effect eyeshadow palettes.




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