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Orebella: A New Aura, A New Bella

Bella Hadid’s journey through nature

Image courtesy Elizaveta Porodina/ Orabella

After making the world of fashion and her consequent fans endure a long hiatus, model Bella Hadid has finally re-bloomed through the fields of cultivated spirituality, bringing us along with her on a new project and journey that seeks beauty and vitality.

Globally acclaimed model Bella Hadid graces both the beauty and health world with her latest project Orebella, officially launching May 2nd. 

Image courtesy Orabella


Hadid launched her latest project Orebella, the first international skin perfume, a fine fragrance that is meant to have both a long-lasting scent and effects on one’s aura. Orebella, pronounced as aura-bella, is a play on her Arabic family name which carries the meaning iron ‘ore.’ Hadid’s use of ‘ore’ has the intention of aligning with and indicating the term ‘aura’, a notion that uses valuable ore-extracted minerals that are to shift our atmospheres, that give room for our differing dispositions. 


After falling ill and having to take a step back from the demanding spotlight of the fashion industry, Hadid voyaged through a vigorous journey of healing. Amidst this endeavor, the model expressed her new-found appreciation for essential oils and their prominence in her path to regaining her health. “This world is my soul. This world is who I am. This world offers the ability to bloom and grow, with the most perfect imperfections. These scents are a blending of my past, my present, and my future. This is Orebella,” shares Hadid. 


Inspired by nature’s ability to instill and harness healing within the physical body and soul, Hadid worked alongside top global fragrance houses, Firmenich and Robertet, to produce a bi-phase formula along with scents that nourish the skin and last for hours, all the while ensuring the products remain vegan, alcohol-free, hydrating, and clean. 


Image courtesy Orabella

With their unique bottled geode-shape, meant to transfer energy in the user’s palm, Orebella gives us three distinctive scents to launch us into our energetic shifts. The first scent, Window2Soul, is a sheer floral scent with hints of jasmine, rose, and tonka bean, is infused with lemon essential oil to spark joy, geranium oil for calmness and grounding, and spearmint oil to energize our aura.

Image courtesy Orabella

The second scent, Blooming Fire, is a warm floral carrying notes of monoi, bergamot, and patchouli, instilled with cedarwood oil for tranquility, clove leaf oil for the stimulation of the soul, and cardamom oil to balance energies. Finally, Salted Muse, is a woody marine scent with aromas of sea salt, olive tree, and cedarwood, contains lavender oil for soothing relaxation, black pepper fruit oil for awakening our aura, and lastly vetiver root oil for grounding and calmness.

Image courtesy Orabella/ Bella Hadid

Hadid’s utter passion for natural healing inspires and excites on-lookers to delve into her Orebella world, we’re eager to explore Salted Muse.

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