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Olympic Spirit is All Around

Discover 21 sportswear looks that make a comeback as summer fashion trend

Olympic Spirit is All Around
Image courtesy Unsplash/ J. Balla. Collage Astrid Doil

As the world eagerly anticipates the upcoming Olympic Games, a parallel excitement is brewing within the fashion realm. Sporting events have always been a catalyst for fashion innovation.

Moreover, the influence of sportswear extends far beyond the arena. It’s become a symbol of inclusivity, empowering individuals of all backgrounds to embrace their athleticism. Whether you’re breaking a sweat or strutting down the sidewalk, the sportswear trend celebrates the spirit of movement and self-expression.

The Spring/Summer 2024 season brings a fresh take on sportswear, blending functionality with style. From sleek activewear sets to bold athleisure pieces, the trend focuses on versatility and comfort. A fusion of athletic functionality and urban chic that’s taking the streets by storm.

Embodying the Olympian spirit in every step we take, both on and off the track,  discover 21 of our favorite runway pieces of the season.

Image courtesy Bally
Image courtesy Bottega Veneta
Image courtesy Coperni
Image courtesy Dries van Noten
Image courtesy Ferragamo
Image courtesy Ferrari
Image courtesy Gucci
Image courtesy Hermès
Image courtesy JW Anderson
Image courtesy Loewe
Image courtesy Louis Vuitton
Image courtesy Miu Miu
Image courtesy Miu Miu
Image courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren
Image courtesy Tory Burch
Image courtesy The Row
Image courtesy The Row
Image courtesy Victoria Beckham
Image courtesy Victoria Beckham
Image courtesy Wales Bonner

Expect to see fresh colors, innovative fabrics, and modern silhouettes that effortlessly transition from the gym to the streets. Whether you’re hitting the track or running errands, the sportswear trend offers a perfect balance of performance and fashion. Stay ahead of the game with this chic and practical wardrobe essential to set yourself in the mood for the Olympic disciplines.

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