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‘Labirinti Gucci’: An Ode To The Magnificent Italian Garden

Step through Gucci’s Italian Garden of High Jewelry

‘Labirinti Gucci’: An Ode To The Magnificent Italian Garden
'Labirinti Gucci,' Image courtesy Gucci

What’s finer than fine jewelry? High Jewelry, specifically Labirinti Gucci, the pinnacle of artistic expression and craftsmanship in the world of fine adornments. Differing itself by its use of incomparable gemstones, intricate designs, and matchless artistry, high jewelry transforms rare and precious materials into timeless masterpieces.

In 2024, the Labirinti Gucci High Jewelry collection explores a lush Italian garden. Intricate mazes and labyrinths reveal a blooming vision of nature, framed by exquisite colored gemstones. Named after the Italian word for ‘labyrinths’, Labirinti Gucci features themes of symmetry, geometric splendor, and blooming nature, leading one through life’s wonders.

The collection blends rational and emotional creativity, with 140 unique masterpieces celebrating exuberance and aesthetic clarity. Italian-style gardens inspire pieces like a cuff with a 5.93ct Colombian emerald, complemented by fancy diamonds and pavé patterns evoking the House’s G motif. A necklace showcases a 56.37ct green tourmaline with 11 additional tourmalines in complementary hues.


Rubellite and tsavorite jewels, including a cuff with a 30.57ct tourmaline rubellite, add sophistication and charm. A necklace with a 28.07ct spinel, tourmaline rubellite beads, and pear-cut tsavorites highlights Gucci’s expertise in combining multiple motifs, reflecting nature’s richness and beauty.


Labirinti Gucci highlights geometric beauty inspired by the linear pathways of majestic mazes. This is evident in necklaces like one featuring a 53.25ct lagoon tourmaline paired with a 19.68ct Ethiopian opal, framed by mandarin garnets and opals in a linear diamond-set design.

Another necklace showcases a 20.45ct Paraiba tourmaline, complemented by 17.77cts of yellow sapphires and a diamond pavé chain reflecting the House’s G motif.

A suite of aquamarine and tourmaline jewels, with intricate labyrinthine patterns, tells a story of life’s surprises. A three-strand necklace with Paraiba and green tourmalines culminates in a 62.58ct Santa Maria aquamarine, accented by diamond baguettes and a sapphire bead. A matching bracelet, ring, and earrings continue this blue-green palette, highlighted by diamond kite-shaped earrings with green emerald beads.


Labirinti Gucci features the dragonfly as a new motif, symbolizing rebirth and freedom. Brooches with tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, and diamonds showcase this graceful insect. Mismatched earrings with pink spinels, emeralds, and diamonds further highlight this theme.

Necklaces capture nature in full bloom, such as one with a 113.35ct green tourmaline, free of inclusions and detachable for versatility. Another features a 60.89ct tanzanite set in a chain of tanzanites, diamonds, and Paraiba tourmalines, creating a magnificent floral design.

Labirinti Gucci guides us through a garden of harmonious creations, embodying Gucci High Jewelry’s spirit in a sophisticated journey of elegance and beauty.

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