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Keeping Glowy, Radiant Skin, During Ramadan

Tips and tricks to maintain healthy skin while fasting this holy month

The holy month of Ramadan comes with its good spirits every year to give life to the streets of Egypt for a little bit. Colorful street lights, late-night hangouts with friends, and festive family gatherings illuminate our month. But one thing we all struggle with is staying hydrated. With such a small window to get our water intake in, we often find ourselves forgetting to drink a sufficient amount of water. And our skin suffers. Here are some tips to keep your skin glowing all day! 


We all know the jokes made about celebrities saying water is the secret to their glow, and not fillers and botox. But truth be told, water is proven to reduce wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity, so some celebs kinda didn’t lie about it. And while drinking a ton of water before dawn will not help with thirst during the day, it will keep the moisture in your skin.  


It’s essential to apply a good amount of moisturizers daily, but it’s ten times more vital to do so when you’re fasting. The skin needs to be constantly hydrated, and while it’s almost impossible to do so with more than half the day fasting, well, moisturizing creams can make up for that. But remember, make sure your face is well moisturized, with layers of toner, serum, and a really good facial moisturizer. 


It’s a shared experience during fasting – the discomfort of bone-dry lips. However, aside from being a source of embarrassment, cracked lips serve as a telltale sign of extreme dehydration. Mitigating this discomfort involves a proactive approach of consistently applying deeply moisturizing lip balms throughout the day. By prioritizing this simple yet vital practice, you can effectively safeguard your lips from the effects of dehydration, ensuring comfort and well-being during the fasting period.


To acquire a glowy skin, Ramadan is it or not, you must consume foods that are high in nutrients and vitamins. Incorporating avocados, walnuts, chia seeds, and dark chocolate into your diet can significantly contribute to skin health due to their wealth of antioxidants, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids. These elements play a pivotal role in promoting skin vitality, offering a natural pathway to a healthy, radiant glow.


We know how intimidating Ramadan nights are. However, the captivating nature of these activities often leads to sleep deprivation, manifesting in telltale signs such as puffy eyelids, dark under-eye circles, and a noticeable pallor in one’s complexion. Combating these effects becomes essential during the 30-day period of fasting. Incorporating an adequate intake of vitamin D and magnesium is recommended to counteract the impact of sleep deficiency, revitalizing both body and mind for a fulfilling Ramadan experience.

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