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Kamla: A Woman’s Story

Ingy El Mokadem on her first leading role


Gracing the TV as a presenter and an actress for over fourteen years, Injy El Mokadem came out with Kamla, her first-ever leading role on the big screen. And as we all know, first things are not easily forgotten, El Mokadem tells ELLE about her first experience in the cinema. 


“That was my first-ever leading role in a movie, and I have to say it felt scary and challenging,” El Mokadem tells ELLE. Having been a drama star since 2006, El Mokadem says she’s been avoiding movies since beginning her career though it was initially her dream to appear on the big screen. “Back then I refused many film roles, it was very challenging then as I was scared and my family was my priority then.” Other reasons like the fall back of cinema production and unsuitable roles had prohibited El Mokadem from breaking in the field earlier. 


Circumcision is barely discussed in our society although it’s common in many areas, Kamla bravely presented the issue through an intriguing plot. “The movie is about Kamla, a past-40 unmarried woman working as a therapist.” Movie events take place at the psychiatric clinic where El Mokadem meets different faces with different stories. The plot takes a turn when Kamla gets touched by one of her patients, a young girl who’s been subjected to circumcision, Kamla then abandons career ethics saying you can’t be friends with your patients. El Mokadem tells ELLE:  “I love deep human stories, more and more if they were women’s stories.” 


“No, the character I played barely relates to me.” El Mokadem refers to Kamla as a strong and free woman who’s not bound by society norms, saying these are the only traits in common between Kamla and Injy. 


“When the movie premiered at the Red Sea International Film Festival, panic took over me.” El Mokadem had doubts about the engagements of the Saudi audience with the movie, yet the outcome was heart throbbing.”The positive feedback and interactions surrounding the movie filled me with a sense of pure joy.” El Mokadem mentioned the movie is exclusively available on Netflix. 

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