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How to Find Enchantment in the Everyday 

Find the spark in your life again


In today’s fast-paced world, where almost everything is available at the touch of a virtual button, we are feeling increasingly restless and unfulfilled. The pressure to perform and to compete is keeping us stuck in a cycle of busy-ness; we are so caught up in doing that we’ve forgoten how to just be. But what if there was a way out? 

With a few simple practices, we can break free from this cycle and find more joy and greater meaning in our everyday lives.


There is a sacredness in nature that can help us transcend our immediate reality, a stillness that can lead us to a state of inner peace. Nowhere is it easier to feel blissful than among ancient trees or in the boundless expanse of the desert. Renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle sees nature as a way of liberating ourselves from the limited sense of self and remembering that we belong to a vibrant and interconnected whole.

You don’t have to live near a forest or in the mountains to benefit from nature’s wonders. Look up at the sky wherever you are and bask in its vastness. If you work from home, move your desk to a spot from where you can observe the changing shapes of the clouds. Open your window in the early mornings and listen to the birdsong. Catch the beauty of the sunset from your balcony in the evenings. And if you can’t go outdoors, bring nature inside. Adopt a houseplant and witness its tender, new leaves slowly unfurl. Decorate your home with items foraged from the natural environment, like sea glass, pine cones, or pretty stones. Elements of nature, whatever they may be, lift our spirits and elevate our mood. 


How many of us spend our days rushing through a long To-Do list, barely pausing to catch our breath? Doing a task slowly and mindfully, on the other hand, allows us to engage with it more deeply and derive enjoyment from it. Whether it is drinking a cup of tea, taking a shower or preparing a meal, immersing yourself fully in the moment will ground you and enrich the experience. Daily rituals, like making your morning coffee or putting on make-up, can be a beautiful anchor to the present moment and offer a daily opportunity to be mindful.

And if embracing a slower pace of life feels like a luxury you can’t afford, consider the possibility of paring down your schedule. Not every commitment is essential and you likely have more control over your time than you realize. Deliberate carefully before accepting a social invitation. Will it add joy to your day? Is your presence indispensable? Invest in a few meaningful relationships instead of maintaining dozens of shallow ties. Prioritize activities that nurture your soul and ditch the ones that don’t.


Hyperconsumerism and modern-day technology have led to a throwaway culture that is making us sick and has left us feeling estranged from our surroundings and from each other. A good antidote is a return to the practices of a bygone era. Before people started buying everyday items at the convenience store, they made them at home. And before you roll your eyes, think of all the wonderful things you can create and of the unparalleled joy of crafting something from scratch. Notecards made from recycled paper and fabrics, sugar-free jam made from ripe seasonal fruits, natural cleaning products made with vinegar, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You can knit a colorful scarf or bake your own sourdough bread, make soap from olive oil, or candles from coconut wax. The possibilities are endless, and the process of shaping, transforming, and creating is incredibly uplifting. Creativity reminds us that we are not mere consumers and that we are more than the sum of our possessions and duties.


Glimmers are micro-moments, often mere seconds, that spark pure joy, peace, or delight. A glimmer can be felt when reading a story to a child, petting an animal, or listening to a song. In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert shares the story of a woman named Susan, who, at forty years old, was feeling drab and heavy. After doing some soul-searching, Susan decided to return to an activity she used to love as a child: figure skating. Three days a week, she made her way to an ice rink before her day job began and lo and behold, she quickly recovered her vitality and joi de vivre. 

The opposite of triggers, glimmers point us in the direction of what lights us up. Pay attention to these instants and make an effort to integrate them into your daily life.

The world is a rich and textured place, and joy is often just a pause or a mindful moment away. Choose to seek it out. Celebrate the mundane and become aware of the extraordinary that lies at the heart of the ordinary.

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