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How to Dress Well for Your Body Shape!

The art of finding the perfect garments to compliment your figure

How to Dress Well for Your Body Shape!

Everyone’s physique is completely different & unique. Knowing your body shape helps you choose clothes that look better on you. You can have a wardrobe filled with the most beautiful clothes and the latest fashion trends but if you don’t know how to dress for your body shape, even the most fabulous dresses and accessories just won’t look right.

It’s about working in harmony with your body shape, not against it.

The key to looking and feeling great is to focus on your favorite features and to balance your proportions. Creating balance, through the clever camouflaging of your figure challenges, and the enhancement of your best features (of which I am sure you have many!)

To make the best of your body shape, here is a quick and easy guide:


Image courtesy Miu Miu

Women with triangle figures have shoulders narrower than their hips. They take a larger size on their bottom half than their top. If you feel you fall under this category, look for clothes that draw attention upwards, create layers of visual interest on the top, and minimize the bottom half. Your wardrobe should include jackets with structured shoulders (pads), simple flat-fronted trousers, and beautiful and interesting accessories to bring attention upwards.


Image courtesy Gabriele Colangelo

Women who have broader shoulders than their hips and little definition between their waist and hips should look for clothes that draw the eye down, minimize the top half, and focus on the waist, hips & bottom. Look for deep slim necks and fine fabrics on the top half. Fuller skirts to balance out the smaller bottom. Wide-leg or boot-cut dark denim jeans.


Image courtesy Sacai

Your bust, waist, and hips are of a similar measurement. You have a straight rib cage, a flat bottom, and very little waist definition. Look for clothes that create the illusion of curves, add interest, and give a softer edge to your shape. Your wardrobe should include low-waisted trousers that hug the bottom. Gently tailored jackets that define the waist.  Wrap-around styles to enhance bust and waist. Bootcut trousers that give shape.


Image courtesy Situationist

Women who have balanced hips and shoulders and no definition at the waist, a generous bust, and rounded shoulders should look for clothes that define the waist, add contour and support, add height, and elongate the figure. Your wardrobe should include tops with deep “V” necklines. Vertical stripes to add height. Flat-fronted trousers with no pleats. Outfits in one color (preferably darker shades. Interesting accessories & scarves worn hanging down.


Image courtesy Jacquemus

Women with shoulders and hips with similar widths who wear similar sizes on their top and bottom should make the most of their figure should emphasize their feminine curves and personality. Their wardrobe should include tailored suits and dresses that define the waist, wrap-over tops, dresses, pencil skirts, and fitted dresses that hug their curves. Skinny jeans tucked in boots are always a plus.

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