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Runway Review: Key Highlights from Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 Collections

A look at SS25 Men's fashion highlights

Runway Review: Key Highlights from Men's Spring-Summer 2025 Collections
Dior Men's SS25, Image courtesy Dior

As the curtains draw on the Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 fashion season, it’s time to reflect on the standout moments that defined this year’s collections.

From innovative interpretations of classic styles to bold statements in fabric and design, these shows have set the tone for the season ahead.

Our editors delve into some of the most significant highlights and trends from the runway, showcasing the creativity and vision of leading designers in the industry.


The Burberry Spring 2025 collection features British elegance with archival designs, including checks, trench coats, Harrington jackets, and Savile Row-inspired suits. Highlights include new fabric developments, slim silhouettes, and contrasting textures.

The collection blends light materials like linen and silk with tactile tweed, suede, and shearling. It introduces sun-bleached and earthy colors, floral motifs, and expands the Rocking Horse bag line.

Burberry motifs adorn shoes, and jewelry reinterprets classic British designs with intricate craftsmanship.


As explained by Kim Jones, This collection focuses on the craftsmanship and skills of the ateliers and artisans at Dior, highlighting the house’s lifeblood. It intertwines the biography of Christian Dior and successive designers with the life of ceramicist Hylton Nel.

The collection celebrates work, identity, and achievement, emphasizing legacy and continuity. It reflects parallel paths with different stories—lifelong work in ceramics and paintings, and lifelong work in fabrications and clothing.


Italy is renowned for its rare beauty, rich history, and exceptional craftsmanship. Since the 19th century, it has been a top summer destination, known for places like Capri, Portofino, and Venice.

The summer 2025 Dolce & Gabbana collection honors Italy with handcrafted pieces featuring the “Handmade” label. It captures the 1950s Italian style, inspired by Marcello Mastroianni’s films.


Like the sea that washes every shore without prejudice, a museum is an open space, nourishing all who are drawn to it. This collection embodies encounters—between the city and the beach, and among people who love life.

Ultimately, it speaks of freedom. True freedom is felt when there is no distance between words and thoughts, actions and heart. Sabato’s hope for the Gucci collection is that people feel free and welcome in these clothes.


Véronique Nichanian’s design for the Hermès Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection is a celebration of “joie de vivre,” embodying a carefree, playful spirit. The collection emphasizes comfort and relaxed elegance through themes of lightness and fluidity.

With a palette blending vibrant colors and serene neutrals, and featuring airy fabrics and laid-back silhouettes, these pieces evoke a sense of freedom and ease.

This collection seamlessly merges timeless luxury with modern elements, celebrating life’s pleasures in every detail.


The JW Anderson Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection is inspired by “Real Sleep.” Jonathan Anderson addresses issues like insomnia and anxiety, highlighting the need for rest. The designs include duvet-like jackets and pillow-inspired forms, offering a cocooning, protective feel.

Anderson’s approach blends whimsy and functionality, creating garments that serve as an escape from the pressures of modern life.


The KENZO Spring-Summer 2025 Women’s and Men’s Collection, curated by Nigo, celebrates the Maison’s cultural fusion. Presented at the Palais-Royal, a site dear to the Artistic Director, it reflects a blend of Japanese heritage, Parisian spirit, and archival influences from Kenzo Takada.

Vibrant colors and reimagined motifs in silhouettes and techniques define this collection. Graphic artist Verdy, collaborating with Nigo for the second time, brings a dynamic reinterpretation to Maison’s iconic imagery.


Loewe’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection opens with a sleek black tailored suit, emphasizing a slim silhouette that highlights texture and volume. Key pieces transition fluidly from trousers that move seamlessly to coats captured mid-motion.

Knitted trousers and metal-woven tank tops offer versatile armor, with luxurious materials like mother of pearl adding opulence. Iconic items like the Puzzle bag and Pebble soft hobo bag receive a contemporary update.

Loewe’s bold moniker as a statement top, paired with striking feathered headpieces, creates dramatic touches. The collection balances forgiving necklines with refined masculinity.


For the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2025 collection, Pharrell Williams’ distinctive dandy style embraces travel’s archetypal codes, embodying the Maison’s global perspective through unique silhouettes.

Celebrating human diversity, iconic motifs transform into vibrant designs that embellish renowned bags and accessories.


In the Sacai men’s collection, Abe blends Sacai’s unique aesthetic with a nostalgic yet fresh reinterpretation of James Dean’s iconic Harrington jacket.

Vintage prints of cars and flowers adorn the jacket, paying homage to Dean’s style while adding a layer of Sacai’s innovation.

Models accessorized with books and glasses suggest a narrative of ongoing discovery and intellectual engagement, referencing academia and youth.


The Zegna Summer 2025 Fashion Show, envisioned by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori celebrates the unique characteristics of their chosen summer fabric, Oasi Lino.

Stay tuned for trends from the Spring/Summer 2025 runways!

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