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Here’s Your Horoscope For March

March Horoscope 2024



Have you ever felt as optimistic about the future as you do now? Or been so happy in your personal life? As Venus and Mars meet, high in your chart, it seems that everything you ever wanted is within reach – and you’ve also found the perfect person to share it with. Should you be brave and take a big leap forward together? Absolutely. This is the moment you have been waiting for, so grab it while you can.



21 APRIL – 21 MAY

You work long hours on a big project only to be told a few days later that it has all been changed or canceled, and that all your effort was for nothing. You are furious, but don’t worry. Everything will work out well in the end. Your dedication to the original project has been noticed, and will be rewarded; and the new direction you are now being told to take will take you on to greater success than before.



22 MAY – 21 JUNE

Just when you think you’ve caught up with all you have to do, and can perhaps take a few days off, you are given a load of extra duties. It’s exactly what you didn’t want; and rather than rise to the challenge, you decide to walk away. Mid-March brings new inspiration, and with it an opportunity to create a new and entirely unexpected career; it’s a bit vague and risky, but to you it’s an escape route – so you take it.



22 JUNE – 22 JULY

An unexpected meeting leads to what looks like a new romance. Or at least, you think so. But if that’s what it is, why are you so unsure about it? Maybe your deeper values, the things you never really think about but which are actually the framework of all you do, are different from those of your new friend. Could you learn to accept your differences, and find a compromise? Talk things through before you go further.




The outer planets are challenging you to step outside your regular routines and take a different path – and as usual, you are resisting. But look at where you are, and then at where you could be. Surely you can see that what you gain from staying is less that what you will gain from moving? You have no reason to be afraid of change; in the past you have gone from success to success, and you will do so again now.




You realize at the end of February that you have done all you can to resolve an important relationship issue – but it is possible to see your action as drawing a line on the ground, with both of you keeping to your own side. Try to keep things moving, but at the same time give the other person time, and encouragement, to make a response. And don’t let yourself be pushed back to where you were before.




The high emotion of recent weeks finally becomes the love affair you wanted. Does it live up to your expectations? In the short term, yes; but as the month progresses, you may find yourself wanting more, and more quickly, than the other person is ready for. That’s just you being over-enthusiastic; this is a relationship with real long-term potential, so slow down a little and get to know each other properly.




Are other people being deliberately difficult, or is it you? At least two people will say that it’s you in the coming weeks, as you clash over what you see as simply maintaining your position and they see as being obstructive. Whatever the causes, try to get these issues resolved quickly, while the planets favor clear thinking; later in the month added emotional factors will make reaching agreement much harder.




Converting your hopes and ideas into reality is always harder than you expect. There are details that you hadn’t thought of, new skills to be learned, and extra expense. But most of all, you have to be prepared to let go of whatever has been holding you back until now. An easy task, you think; but when the moment comes, you find you still have a deep emotional attachment to it. Nonetheless, it has to go.




Sometimes we speak greater truths than we know. This month, in a normal conversation, you realize that what you are saying is what you actually believe, and maybe who you really are. Even as you speak, you’re hearing it as though for the first time, and you’re shocked. But not the people you are with. They knew it all already, and hearing you being so honest just makes them love you all the more.




Venus and Mars, together in your sign for the first time in many months, create the perfect mood either to start a new love affair or revitalize an old one. Heavier planets at the base of your chart will remind you that you have more serious things to do than play around with spring romance; but they will be telling you that all year, so ignore them for a few weeks and follow your heart rather than your head.




You feel that everyone is putting you under pressure to do things you don’t want to do. Actually, that’s not true. All they want is some sort of indication from you, a rough idea of if or when you might do certain things. Ultimately, this is about time: there are points in a relationship, in a job, or in anything, where decisions have to be made. If you want to go ahead, you say yes; if not, you say no. Simple as that.


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