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Here’s Your Horoscope For January

Diving into the January horoscope of 2024



As the old year ends, you are giving all you can to a task which seems to absorb all you throw at it, but gives nothing back. Surely, you think, if you can just make one more big effort, it will all work out well. Not necessarily. It’s a situation where you can’t really win whatever you do, so let it go. January will bring something new and better – and better suited to your talents; put your energies into that instead.



21 APRIL – 21 MAY

Has your present relationship taken you too far from your comfort zone? When the affair was new and hot, you didn’t care what you did; but now you may find yourself in a place you don’t want to be. If stepping back into something more familiar and less edgy makes you feel better, but creates a gap between you and your partner, then that answers all your questions, doesn’t it? Do what you know is right for you.



22 MAY – 21 JUNE

After much thought, you make a final decision about a relationship early in the new year. It’s time to move on, you say. Your friends, too, will say that you’re doing the right thing. But the position of Venus suggests that there is still a lot of residual warmth and emotion in the situation you have just left behind, and you shouldn’t waste that. If you change your mind later, it’s good to know you could go back.



22 JUNE – 22 JULY

You are slowly making your way towards an important relationship decision, but each little step seems to create more problems which have to be talked through, and at times you will feel that you and your partner are moving apart rather than closer together. You may be placing too much importance on reaching a certain point by a specific date; everything else has to be right as well, and that takes time.




You are used to making grand entrances – but how about a grand exit? It seems that you are about to walk away from a job that you don’t like, but not until you have told everyone involved exactly what you think of them and why you are going. Clearly, after a performance like that there can be no going back, but you won’t care too much, because there are better things ahead, ready and waiting for you.




Do you really want to commit yourself to something lasting and long-term? A few weeks ago, you didn’t; but now it seems that you do. What has caused your change of mind? Partly it’s because you are looking at what you stand to gain rather than what might go wrong; and partly because what seemed like an enormous obstacle is now fading away completely, leaving you much relieved – and free to say yes.




You know how it is: you find something which isn’t quite what you want, but it’s near enough, so you say yes to it – and almost immediately, something far better comes up. If you find yourself in that situation, having made an agreement at the end of the year that you can’t get out of, don’t worry. The end of January is much more flexible, and with a bit of negotiation and pleading, you should be able to escape.




Gamblers who lose often think that by betting twice as much the next time they can win back what they have lost, but it rarely works. That may be true now in a long-running relationship, where you could be tempted to make an extravagant gesture in an attempt to resolve an argument. But what if it makes things worse? Love and money are not the same; care and affection are the currency here, not cash.




Life is sweet. You have a chance to have another try at something which didn’t work out too well last time, or to take up an offer that you previously declined; either way, the outcome will be good. There’s also a hint of nostalgia and romance in the air, as Venus passes through your sign; and finally, financial pressures you have been under for a long time should now start to ease. What more could you wish for?




If you really want your life to change this year, then make an early start. Mars moves into Capricorn on January 4th, bringing you the energy and determination to set big new projects in motion – but his momentum will take him out of the sign again in early February, so you must use him while you can. Don’t waste time overthinking, or waiting for the perfect moment; you already know what you want, so go for it.




You have several options open to you at the moment, and it’s fun to play with them in your imagination, creating different future scenarios for yourself without making any real commitment. All that will change when Pluto enters your sign later this month: you will be expected to make an actual choice, and to accept whatever consequences that brings. Look again at those options – but seriously this time.




Praise for your efforts is always welcome, but sometimes it can be too much. In the next few weeks you may find yourself being made into a sort of model for others to admire and imitate, and although your Piscean ability to act in any role will help you to be what people want to see, you will also need to find time to be your true self. You know what’s real and what isn’t; keep yourself grounded until life returns to normal.

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