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Here’s Your Horoscope For February

Delve into the February horoscope insights of 2024



There’s a classic office romance developing here. It starts as just a friendship, as such affairs always do; but the attraction between you increases as every day passes, so that by early February it is impossible for either of you to stop or go back to where you were before. This has all the signs of being a significant relationship for both of you – and the only way forward is to go even deeper and see where it leads.



21 APRIL – 21 MAY

Finally, you get what you were aiming for – but someone else gets there just a little bit before you. Does this make you runner-up? Yes, but since you will both be going forward together from here, it makes you joint winners, in a way. Whether you like that arrangement depends on how much you like the other person. But whatever it is, it’s a step up, and there will be more to come, so look out for new opportunities.



22 MAY – 21 JUNE

An avalanche of new ideas may make all your previous beliefs and values seem old-fashioned and wrong. Are you at risk of being left behind? Don’t worry, you’re still far ahead of everyone else – these unexpected revelations are just Pluto sending out shockwaves to shake you up and give you a different perspective. No need to make big changes, either; a few little tweaks will be enough to keep you up to date.



22 JUNE – 22 JULY

Are you actually on the upward path you imagine, or are you simply trudging along not getting anywhere? The end of January may show you your present situation as it really is, and you may not like what you see. You need to move up a gear; luckily, this month’s new moon will help you do exactly that. There are several routes to where you want to be, so if the one you’re on isn’t working, pick a different one.




Does a big angry outburst mean the beginning of the end for a love affair? Not necessarily; yes, it is probably an expression of your frustration with the present situation, but it also shows how much the relationship means to you, how much emotional capital you have invested in it, and how much you would like to rescue it and make it better. This is a chance to re-set the rules and start again, so take it.




An unexpected upset at the start of February is like tripping over the doorstep as you enter someone’s house: it hurts at the time, but is soon forgotten. Maybe you are trying to go too fast, thinking that you can succeed with a new venture straight away. No, the project is more complex than that, and it will take time for you to learn new skills. If this little error slows you down, therefore, it will be a good thing.




You have known each other for a long time, and you got very close last summer; now, six months later, you finally get together. The sweet moments that come early in a relationship aren’t needed, because you’re already way past that; this is going to be deep and serious from the moment that you say yes. And therefore harder to get out of, if things go wrong between you – but that’s a risk you’re happy to take.




Whenever you try to clear some space in your life to make a new start, there are always some traces of the past, things that you take into the future even if you don’t want to. But not this time. What the planets offer you now is a genuine new start, totally clean, free from all that went before. This is more than a new chapter; it’s a completely different book. So, what are you going to write on the first page?




When you are asked to take on a new role, your naturally enthusiastic and helpful nature prompts you to accept straight away. But do you know anything about the task you have just volunteered for? As you will discover, it is more difficult than you anticipated, and your own position is quite restricted, with no room for innovation. And there is a deadline, too; can you deliver what is expected? Yes, but only just.




Whenever you want to make changes in your life, you have to push through barriers. Some are real and obvious, but others are intangible, like the inertia that wants to keep things as they are, or the effort needed to swim against the prevailing current. This month a rare alignment of the planets, just for a few weeks, will dissolve those barriers and make all transitions super- easy. Use it while you can.




After years of having to accept what was given to you, it will feel strange to have a choice – and stranger still to find that whatever you choose will actually happen, almost at once. There are six planets in your own sign this month, ready to act in your interest; but you have to provide the direction and purpose, so that the flow of events follows on from your decisions. Stay on top and in front, and all will be well.




The planets are having a sort of end-of-season sale, ahead of some big changes in a few months’ time. This is the time to do some of the things you always said you would, while you still can – though really, you’re just ticking boxes on your list of ambitions, to say you’ve been there or done that. As long as you are aware of that, and see them as a fond farewell to the past, not as part of your future, then fine.


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