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Why Do We Hate Our Dad’s Side of the Family?

A deep explainer to the dad’s side curse

dad dad's side of the family
Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

Ugh.. Where do we begin? With the sly aunt who’s living for the drama in your house, like Kevin’s aunt in Home Alone. Or the mean grandma who hates your mother for no reason? And please, spare us the lies, cause we know you hate your dad’s side of the family. Growing up, some constants have rooted deeply inside us; one shouldn’t lie, one shouldn’t stay late outside, and definitely shouldn’t trust their father’s relatives. The funny thing is that hating on dad’s side of the family is almost common within every house. Here’re the exact reasons why we hate our dad’s side of the family.


dad mother in law
Movie: Mother-in-Law

It’s rare that we find a mother who genuinely likes her daughter-in-law, almost impossible. Mothers, being who they are, can’t help the feelings of jealousy towards their son-or-daughter-in-law that usually cloud their final judgment. So, if you’re wondering why you never liked your grandmother (father’s side,) it’s simply because you’ve seen her be mean to your mother at least once. 


Movie: Home Alone

We all have that one aunt whose main hobby seems to be triggering family feuds, right? It’s like your dad’s siblings are always trying to outdo you in some sort of competition, even though you’re decades apart in age. Mimicking those memes you see on social media about middle-aged people having beef with 20-year kids.


Cersei Lannister- Game of Thrones

We’ve all been there at least once. That uncomfortable moment when you’re hosting your dad’s side of the family at your place and something gets broken—a cup, a plate, you name it. Later, you’re probably chatting with your mom, both of you silently suspecting that the broken item was somehow a casualty of envy. 


dad Kids playing

We spent most of our childhood within our grandparents (mom’s) house. Most of our happy memories featured playground-games with our cousins. It’s no wonder that we tend to have a soft spot for our mom’s side of the family. It’s not that our dad’s family is terrible or anything, it’s just that we have our preferences.”

Okay, we won’t assume that you’re lying this time. Do you love your dad’s side of the family?

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