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From the Nile to the Danube

Best of Egyptian craftsmanship in the heart of Vienna

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Vienna’s artistic seventh district, Sobek & Schnurl emerges as a sanctuary of design, born from the creative vision of the Egyptian-Austrian duo, Victor Sobki and Caroline Carnbring. Inspired by their acclaimed exhibition ‘From the Nile to the Danube’, held at the Egyptian Embassy in Vienna in September 2022, the pair ambitiously transcended their initial showcase to open this bespoke design store in April 2024.

Image courtesy: Studio Theresa Bentz
Sobek & Schnurl is not merely a store – it’s a journey through the rich tapestry of Egypt’s artistic heritage meshed seamlessly with contemporary European flair. Each piece in their curated collection—be it furniture, lighting, pottery, jewelry, or intricate works in alabaster and wood—speaks to the profound narrative of Egyptian artistry. Here, the traditional crafts are reimagined through a modern lens, making each item not just a piece of decor but a slice of history adapted for modern living.
The store’s aesthetic, masterfully crafted by renowned architect Victor Sobki, blends oriental elegance with art deco and modern techniques, ensuring each piece captivates with its unique charm and character. The interior design collection promises to infuse any space with a distinct sense of sophistication and style.
Moreover, Sobek & Schnurl offers an exquisite selection of hand-woven kilim carpets, available in an array of modern designs, sizes, and colours, with customization options to tailor each piece to your personal taste. The store also features high-quality Egyptian cotton and linen products—from plush towels to luxurious bed linens—each elevating everyday living with a touch of opulence.

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