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From Barre to Beach: Ballerinas For The Summer

A collection of the prettiest ballet flats to perfect your summer look

Ballerinas For The Summer
Amina Muaddi, Image courtesy Net-a-Porter

When searching for the ideal summer footwear it’s essential to look for elements of comfort, style, and practicality during the warmer months. As temperatures rise, our choice of shoes must adapt to keep us cool and effortlessly modish, the answer is ballerinas for the summer! 

From the versatility of ballet flats, the breathability of sandals, or the elegance of espadrilles, the right summer footwear can elevate any outfit while providing the necessary support for those long, sun-soaked days.

 We spent countless days dreading the very sight of our school ballet flats, a pair we couldn’t wait to kick off as soon as we got home. As we grew up and learned that comfort should come hand in hand with style, those dreaded ballerinas became our desired buys.

 From Valentino to Miu Miu, let’s take a look at some of our favorite ballerinas, the perfect summer shoes to stun and style:

From beach outings to evening strolls, selecting the ideal pair of summer shoes ensures you can enjoy every moment with style and ease and ballerinas are a sure enough way of getting just that.

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