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Why Are We So Obsessed with Following Beauty Trends?

A deep explainer on the urge to follow beauty trends

beauty trends

Social media has been shaped by trends of all sorts in recent years. Beauty trends, fashion trends, and many others come and go with the swiftness of a summer breeze. Even though they’re not mandatory, we still feel the urge to follow them. But here’s the question: What drives our obsession with following these trends? Is it the fear of missing out? Or has social media become an addiction? Here are the real reasons behind it. 


beauty trends

Like if you’re not gonna buy this mascara or get that cream blush, the sun won’t rise the other day. Beauty gurus keep promoting certain beauty products or makeup looks making you feel like if you don’t do that then you’re weird. The truth is you’re not. You’re just so afraid of missing big things out when it’s really not that deep. 


We wanna belong to a community, feel included. Yes, feeling unique and special is good. However, the feeling of being recognized and being told “Oh, you’re wearing this viral lipstick and stuff,” hits different. 


It’s no secret influencers have taken over our social media platforms. Beauty bloggers, active-online makeup artists come up with beauty hacks and tricks saying “You must try this.” The lives of influencers often falsely seem so perfect, fun, and all revolving around cute morning dates and shopping. The desire to live a life similar to theirs will drive you to try and buy whatever they do and possess. 


People are so obsessed with shopping apparently. They’re constantly feeling like they lack something. Beauty trends offer inviting suggestions to shopping fanatics, driving them to try whatever product is being hyped about. 


Image courtesy of Hailey Bieber

The “It girl” has this, this and that. Ever since the dawn of time, there has always been the girl we all wanted to dress and look like. From Marylin Monroe to Bella Hadid, the “It girl” is a concept as timeless as beauty itself. A big part of our desire to follow so many of these beauty trends is to resemble the “It girl.”

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