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Flexing Through History

The evolution of strength and power in society

Over the years, just like everything else about humanity, what is perceived as strong, attractive, and appealing has changed. However, the aim of a man remains the same. Every man wants to be strong in the eyes of society and himself.

The question is, what does strength look like? Today, the answer is “the bigger, the better”, or as Newton’s law of attraction describes it, “the greater the surface area, the greater the attraction.” Men, and specifically bodybuilders, all around the world have been taking steroids and other substances in order to grow more muscle and achieve the “bulky” look. It’s the new trend, and therefore the idea of looking “bulk” became associated with the idea of strength.

Before the existence of steroids and other substances that help with muscle growth, bodybuilders looked different. They were naturally built through maintaining a consistent lifestyle of having a healthy diet filled with nutrition and a decent amount of exercise. Nowadays, because of innovation, men found ways to increase muscle mass faster and beyond what is achievable naturally.

But isn’t that losing sight of the actual goal? Was the aim strength or size? If we look at bodybuilders in the past, the flex looks different, their bodies look different. Bodybuilding is a sport, not just a big display. Yes, size matters in this sport, but it’s survival of the fittest, not survival of the biggest; pay attention! Look at the history of bodybuilding and compare the differences in size and shape of their bodies.

Why ruin your overall health in the long run in order to get big muscles fast, muscles that would turn into fat if you miss a few days at the gym, and muscles that will fade away quickly because everyone knows “easy come, easy go.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name is known across generations as one of bodybuilding’s greatest icons. Unlike many of his peers, Schwarzenegger achieved his legendary physique through natural means, as he favored disciplined workouts and balanced nutrition. His commitment to holistic health practices serves as a timeless reminder of the power of hard work and mindful living, which is why he is still in shape even at his current age. On the other hand, there are many bodybuilders who died before the age of 50, including Zyzz, Rich Piana, Ben Harnett, Dallas McCarver, and George Peterson, caused by the excessive use of steroids.

So guys, remember that strength has always been the name of the game, whether it’s today’s obsession with size or the classic vibe of the past. Taking a minute to learn from legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rocked their natural physiques, it’s clear that there’s more to being strong than just bulking up. While steroids might promise quick gains, they come with some serious risks, as we’ve sadly seen with some bodybuilding heroes. So, as we flex our muscles and hit the gym, let’s keep our health front and center because in the end, being truly strong means taking care of ourselves inside and out.

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