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Exclusive Glimpse: Inside Yasmine Kenawi’s Stylish Engagement Soirée

Celebrity stylist Yasmine Kenawi offers ELLE an exclusive look into her intimate engagement party

Yasmine Kenawi
Image courtesy Lamis Magdy

“A lot of elements within my outfit were on the dinner table.” Celebrity stylist Yasmine Kenawi shares as she tells ELLE all about her intimate engagement soirée at her home on December 23, 2023. Fashion isn’t just pretty clothes – it’s a canvas for self-expression and storytelling. With her passion for fashion and keen eye for detail, Kenawi carefully curated her engagement party to reflect her distinct vision and personality.


“The whole inspiration for my outfit came from my mom, who had red nails on her wedding day,” Kenawi explains. To honor her mom, the stylist opted for red nails, which perfectly complemented the festive Christmas atmosphere during that time of year. Continuing with the theme of the romantic hue, Kenawi went with bold red lips. She reveals that not only is red her favorite color but also that her fiancé adores the color on her.

Perfectly juxtaposing with the bold color, Kenawi wanted to keep her dress simple yet chic. She collaborated with Jordanian designer Nafsika Skourti and together they brought Kenawi’s vision to life with a sleek yet elegant dress in pristine white. The stylist revealed that she loved a dress the designer featured in an older collection and reached out to her to get it made in white for her engagement soirée. “I loved that it featured two types of fabrics,” she explains, referring to the crepe corseted bodice paired with the satin draped skirt. The combination certainly exuded a subtle charm of understated elegance, “Adding the sleeves felt like the perfect wintry touch.”

The decision to add a cape was primarily for comfort, given the chill at night during the dinner. However, the fur material, coupled with the vintage brooch from the Egyptian brand Vintage Lane, infused a nostalgic flair into Kenawi’s outfit.

The bride’s meticulous attention to detail truly came out in her footwear choice. “The amount of research I put into finding the perfect white satin platform heel is crazy,” she confides with a chuckle. After an exhaustive search, she finally found the ideal pair of white pointed-toe platform heels with a crystal bow. Kenawi elaborated, “When I picked my shoes, my fiancé suggested adding some crystals to my outfit. He just loves anything that sparkles.” And the touch of crystals styled with the simple dress was truly just the right amount of chicness. Kenawi reflects with a smile, “Finding that white pointed-toe platform with a crystal bow on it was like a Christmas gift. It was perfect because the whole engagement dinner was inspired by the bow. I felt like it all fit together.”

With her perfectly cropped hair, red lips, and vintage accents, the overall look exuded an elegant retro Betty Boop vibe. Kenawi expresses, “The whole outfit was just everything I wanted.”


Inspired by the bow craze sweeping the fashion world, the stylist incorporated this delicate accent into every aspect of her engagement. From the invitation cards to the dinner table decor, bows added a touch of glamor and romance to the affair. 

The dinner table was additionally adorned with fur runners. “My planner added the fur runners,” the bride admits “I was so hesitant about it in the beginning. I was scared they were gonna get dirty.” But as it turns out, the addition proved to be a great idea, enhancing the winter wonderland ambiance that Kenawi and her planner created, and perfectly complementing her fur cape.


For their engagement photos, Kenawi and her fiancé chose her grandparent’s house as the picturesque setting. Among the captivating snapshots, one particular image stole the spotlight: the couple positioned next to a cherished picture of her parents. Recounting the moment Kenawi reveals, “Our photographer, Lamis Magdy, sat us down right next to that picture. At first, I was wondering why she chose that specific spot.” However, as the photographer pointed out the photo, Kenawi’s heart swelled with warmth and nostalgia. “I thought this is actually so cute because that specific photo was their engagement photo,” she explains with a smile. 


With meticulous attention to detail and countless hours dedicated to planning, Kenawi’s winter wonderland emerged, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for her & her fiancé. After hearing all about the elegant soirée and seeing the stunning photos, we certainly can’t wait to see what she has in store for the wedding. With her impeccable taste and flair for fashion, one thing is certain: the wedding is bound to be nothing short of magical.

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